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May 4, 2011

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A lot of people e-mailed me and said they missed my segment and house tour on The Nate show and wanted to see it, so I’m posting it here. (Cringe, cringe..)

The reality behind the scenes was this…I scurried, cleaned and organized the house which is still not finished (scanning shots don’t hide stuff!), my mother had just arrived from Sweden, Luke was having a meltdown over home work, my friend Casey Collings kindly came over (even though sick) to tape me, after a few takes the camera battery went dead, we were losing sun light, found Luke’s flip camera to quickly finish it with.  But despite all the drama the editors made the house look really cheerful!!

The segment at the actual show was cut in the very last seconds before going on due to overtime, so my visit on set was very brief!  So one thing I’m learning with these things is to…GO WITH THE FLOW!!!

Of course now that I have a store, I want to share some of the items I have in my house that I absolutely adore that we’re carrying on LiveLikeYou.


I wrote about this before. But I’ve been crazy about this one ever since I first saw it. I call it the Dorothy draper mirror. It’s HUGE 59″ tall and makes a big impression. My fireplace is tall so you can’t really see how big it is.

It hangs above the fire mantle in the living room that you see in the background in the beginning of the tape.

A couple of Marmalade Design pillows that add nice graphics in my library.


And my favorite BLACK & WHITE GREEK KEY PILLOW $ 198

You can see them in my library. They make an old Crate & Barrell couch and a simple slip covered chair pop. It was the least expensive way I could think of to add some interest to the room. It’s a whole different room without them!!

Then here’s another mirror I went nuts over that I’ve already posted about.


It hangs like a pretty jewel over my master bedroom fireplace. It really made me smile just opening the box!

In the bedroom I also have the Marmalade Design Pagoda Headboard.


Don’t have a professional image of this on site yet, but we will.

It’s in a really nice washable chenille/velvet with nickel nail heads. On the tape unfortunately it doesn’t look right because the couch at the end of the bed doesn’t match, waiting for new one, and bedside tables and lamps are also wrong!! Soon…soon….

The bedding is a line of graphic colorful hotel bedding I’m coming out with.

And last , but not least…

TURQUOISE FOO DOGS $ 118/PAIR that I’m kind of having a love affair with.

I want to put them in every room in the house because they look fantastic anywhere!

Here’s the pretty boy on my foyer table. You can see it in the end of the video when I say goodbye.

Anyway – I will keep improving until I can share all the complete after pictures! Hope you’re having a great week!


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