Summer house

February 20, 2010

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Okay…don’t you all wish it was summer?

Every June I head over to Sweden to spend a few weeks at our country house by the lake. These photos are from a shoot for a Swedish interior design magazine done last summer.  The house is located in the village of Torp, situated on Lake Torp – a village consisting of only 7 houses from the 1800’s.  Not exactly an action packed town!  But when you get there you just want to kick up your feet, relax and gaze at the amazing view of the lake, and never leave.  The house needs to be finished, but for now it’s a casual, bohemian family place we all love. Can’t wait for June!

All photos: Jennifer Jaunsch


The turquoise chandelier is from the early 1900’s. It was a department store staple back then.  I painted all the floors white when I moved in, after removing plastic flooring the previous owners had put in.


Luke and I in what we call the “View Room”.  Without the backlight you would see an amazing view of the lake.


60’s vintage chair with original mustard green velvet. 1920’s mirror and console.  Hand picked wild flowers for Midsummer night. (My mother is in the photo above in the rowboat. She hates this photo but I love it, so I refuse to let her remove it!)


Painted everything in my bedroom white as well. Bought a shag carpet for ten dollars at a vintage store. But I love it.


This chair has old, original upholstery, Swedish Tenn fabric. ( Fabrics you see a lot of in the movie Mamma Mia). It has a tear in it, but I want to keep it so covered it with a small shag.


Toy cabinet.


Every room in the house has these old tile fireplaces. Very common for houses from this period. In the winter time they really heat the house well.


The small guest cottage right on the lake. Painted everything white here as well. Except the chest-wanted some turquoise!


Vintage pieces and shell curtain.


The funky 60’s bathroom.  Needs to be redone, but for now I’m working with it.


Lupines, they’re everywhere in June.


Luke’s bedroom with two old kid’s birch beds.


Happy weekend!


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