June 22, 2010

One thing I’m noticing when I come here is the huge amount of white everywhere. I guess when I bought the house it was so dark—dark plastic flooring covered old wood floors, some windows were boarded up… So I really went nuts with the white porch paint!! I wanted white floors, white walls…white everything. I wanted to maximize the natural light, and create a bright and airy house that gave me peace. But I amaze myself, being the color addict I am, when I see all this white!

The foyer is all white and cream. This piece was a thrift store find and one of the first things I got for the house. The chandelier was another thrift store find and thankfully adds a pop of color. I can open a cabinet door when it gets too white for me…I love how a lot of white cabinets in Sweden are painted a bold color on the inside.

It gives a piece of furniture character and makes it less “formal”. It’s also a quiet, surprising way to add some color to a room.

The stair case I painted….yes you guessed it white. I even left the eighties chair rail, and the wall paper and just made it all go just white!! I really was on a mission when I moved in… I rarely write about, or promote white on this blog, but it really is a great “color” and makes for a great backdrop and a peaceful space. And I don’t know about you…but it gives me peace of mind.

The other thing I wanted to accomplish with this place was an uncluttered space. I hardly have any accessories here as I want empty spaces as much as I can. I wanted simplicity and have something that would be easy to take care of. Sometimes a lot of “things” Just add stress. Clutter definitely adds stress for me. Does it to you?

I did add a carpet that has a little more color in the foyer. This is a basic woven Swedish carpet that I know you might have seen versions of at Ikea. But the “real” kind you pick up for a dollar or two at a local thrift store. Not too long ago a lot of people used to weave these at home. Because everything is white I really enjoy the colors in this.

This chair sits just as you step in. It’s a typical chair from the part of Sweden I’m from live. Notice the space heaters to the left and in the reflection of the mirror…Desperately needed in this part of the world…you think you know cold…

You can see all the way through to the end of the house and can catch the lake view from the entrance. I guess that’s why I wanted everything white so nothing would fight with the exterior.

If you walk further in from the foyer there’s a room which connects all the rooms in the house. This image is from a magazine shoot that’s coming out any day now. It’s super pale teal, parts of the wall was roughly textured so I left that white, looks like giant stripes. It’s one a of just a couple of rooms in the house where I let the floor stay as it was because it had not been covered in linoleum. This room is next to the kitchen and has a great view of the lake and has this…

…stove in it, which makes it a really popular room in the house. We made a fire here even yesterday, today is warmer but we needed one yesterday. You can even cook on it with a fire going.

The mirror and console from the 30′s and a the corner cabinet are in pale hues. Variations of white is a necessity in interiors over here when you go through months of no sun light. I picked some lupines today which were in the car for too long, but they’ve recovered since this photo. They add a punch of color in an otherwise pale room.

This time of year I have to have them in almost every room.

I hope you’re enjoying the summer as much as I am. Since I have some free time, I’m arranging a series of give away’s of some of my favorite interior items on the blog. I’m excited to finally have the time to do it! Amazing what a little peace and fresh air can do…Stay tuned…

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  • Comment by chococotton — June 22, 2010 @ 2:19 am

    Wow, I absolutely love this! What a beautiful house.
    And I love love love the chandelier! I've never seen one with blue beads…

  • Comment by Erica — June 22, 2010 @ 11:11 am

    Beyond excited! So glad I got to visit your home once more here on the blog. I love white and wish I could create the same atmosphere in my house as you have in yours. That's the way I grew up, minus the white floors which my mom is all about now though.

  • Comment by Danielle Sigwalt — June 22, 2010 @ 6:35 am

    Love the white as well! Your home is just gorgeous and I wish I could just go out and pick lupines for my home…beautiful!!!

  • Comment by willow — June 22, 2010 @ 6:37 am

    Ah. This makes me want to de-clutter!!

  • Comment by Margharete — June 22, 2010 @ 10:32 am

    Amen, to your use of white in your home in Sweden! It's just perfect for simplicity, calmness, and that Rest & Recouperation you are seeking at this time. I think in this atmosphere your creative juices would be restored. Relax and enjoy it.

  • Comment by Amy — June 22, 2010 @ 3:04 pm

    Love the white floors! I myself have a few in my house. My only issue is keeping them clean!
    Any advice!!! Also what is the wall color and trim coor of the room with the white antique cabinet with blue inside? Very pretty!!!

  • Comment by livelikeyou — June 22, 2010 @ 11:18 pm

    Hi Amy, I'm actually surprised how well they're holding up considering this is out in the country with muddy lawns. Must have used a good porch paint…On the walls I used a paint match to Benjamin Moore's Linen White in flat paint, I believe the trim is close to Benjamin Moore's Decorator white, which the floor is close to as well. One good thing with white floors…they're easy to clean because you see the dirt easy!!!

  • Comment by Caroline — June 22, 2010 @ 7:19 pm

    Wow that is a lot of white, but you made it look so beautiful! I love all of the pops of blue.

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