July 22, 2016

Unplugging Swedish style

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Hope you’re having a good summer.

I want to share some pictures from our trip over here. Since the house is undergoing renovations we have been out and about more than usual.

I’ve unplugged not been attached to my computer instead doing a lot of this…


Enjoying evening swims in pristine lakes.



Biking country roads…



Even fishing!




Time with lively nieces.


Swimming off the cliffs in the giant lake…



And of course spending time with family…


…friends and neighbors…


…and just enjoying this place.



July 6, 2016

My DISASTROUS kitchen pictures & the coolest toilets ever

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There are makeovers and then there are M-A-K-E-O-V-E-R-S. Seems the most challenging projects just keep lining up.

We arrived home to our summer house in Sweden, except what house??  If you follow this blog you know we had bad water damage this spring. Turned out it was BAD.

This is our kitchen now…Want to come over for dinner?


Yep down to the dirt floor. As I’m looking at this I realize a lot of my projects look like bombs detonated in them.

All the floor beams were damaged and had to go. The cabinets could be rescued.


New tile is needed, minor detail in this room indeed.


I guess we will not be doing any cooking in here!!


Turns out there is a covered up dirt cellar below the kitchen floor!  The house was built in the 1830’s, burnt down 1870 and rebuilt so this stuff is 150 years old.

And the bathroom and laundry room by the entrance….


I giant hole, no walls or anything.

When they tore out the floor they came upon shoes and boots from the 1800’s and old pots used as bathrooms.


To be hinest Ive been very upset as you might imagine, no rest for the weary. However Luke’s summer job at my brother’s new recycling center could not have come in more handy….


Peter my very entreprenurial obsessed reclcer brother has started a genius business. He made a deal with out city here to be able to get  all the stuff headed fro landfills landfills, then fix them and sell them.


I felt instantly happier when I made this happy marigold toilet purchase!


And two marigold sinks to with it. If the old bathroom is gone, a new one will have to be awesome.


Can you believe these were headed for landfills?

(You can check out a few items that are for sale online at  www.aterbruket.se.

Follow along on INSTAGRAM@JILLSORENSEN for more updates.


July 1, 2016

London calling!

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Happy 4th everyone!

While you hopefully are heading out for some fun stateside celebrations I’m doing some traveling around Europe. The last two weeks have been non stop work in a sweltering LA heatwave so arriving to a rainy London was refreshing.

It was Luke’s first trip to London so we were dressed in sneakers and jeans ready to explore as much of the city as possible. We arrived here a couple of days after Brexit with all the drama of England leaving EU in the news, but you would have never known of the political turmoil once you got here.


We stayed at the Soho house in Soho a couple of blocks from Piccadilly circus. A perfect area for a tourist -British flags and red double decker buses everywhere.

We started at the TOWER of LONDON.  I would put this first on your sightseeing list if you ever plan a visit. The tower dates back to medieval times and is a fortress mini city in the midst of the modern world.


It’s surrounded by a mote and is right next to the river Thames.

Here is this remnant from a different life with the tallest building in Europe in the background.


You can spend a few hours here looking around all the old castles and museums.


This is the medieval fortress – love the fireplace!

Big Ben was next on the list…


Luke had wanted the trip for his memory bank alone and tried to avoid taking pictures non stop but here Big Ben won out. What an architectural master piece!


Here is Luke’s magnificent picture.

You feel giddy the second you see the clock tower.

Across the street from Big Ben is WESTMINSTER ABBEY the most gorgeous cathedral , famous for all the royals getting married there.


It’s amazing what beauty humans built hundreds of years ago compared to the modern lines of architecture today.

And no visit would be complete unless you go to Buckingham palace which was not open.


But we were happy enough to see the pretty gates!



At night we wandered down to Trafalgar square underneath the rows of British flags. What a great city!

Hope you are having a great holiday!

Next stop Sweden…time to renovate!



June 13, 2016

TOP 8 irresistible accent chairs

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Happy Monday!

First off I want to welcome all the new Swedish readers to my American blog. (Välkomna! Lämna gärna kommentarer på svenska) I stopped writing my daily blog last week for the Swedish magazine Skona Hem and I’m excited to  be able to blog here again on a regular basis.

A busy week is coming up. We’re in full sourcing mode over here working on a big east coast project. It’s always the perfect way to catch up on all the great new products out there.

Here are my TOP 8 most irresistible occasional chairs right now. Whether its a killer swivel chair, a sleek rattan chair or a 70’s inspired brass chair these are about as cool as it gets.





June 2, 2016

Jana Bek’s dreamy apartment

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You might already have seen talented designer Jana Bek’s sweet makeover in the One Room Challenge but I can’t resist sharing it with you here. It’s such a refreshing feminine space filled with pastels and chicness.

I particularly of course love how great her new floral pillows and fabric mix with my black graphic bedding! Feminine with a bit of edge is perfect.

IMG_4388sm copy

Palm Beach blooms and Brushstroke pillow mixes with our Black Deco Duvet and sham.


Love all the breezy mint and black.


The breezy Aqua brushstroke fabric as drapery with the super glam chair by Selamat design, another irresistible brand.

IMG_4407sm copy




Blush brushstroke fabric on this daybed.

Just in case you can’t get enough of her brushstroke fabric, she also designs and sells these gorgeous brushstroke lamps in just about any color you can think of.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 10.40.54 PM