January 14, 2013

I had the instagram app on my phone for months and ignored it. I didn’t quite understand why people cared about some photo filters. But when my friends Erica and Casey shared how obsessed they were, I of course had to try it.

I just got started this week and I’m hooked. Photo filters are cool.

Luke and I are on a quick trip to LA for some meetings (more on that later) and we want to instagram everything!!

Are you on? Here’s my link:  http://instagram.com/jillhsorensen/

Driving in the Beverly Hills flats. Luke took this one.

Above LA- the lights were so pretty before landing.

Great latte on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica a chilly morning.

The sunsets here are insane.

Breakfast at our hotel. Luke will be annoyed that I post this, says he looks orange. I love this effect.

Luke’s vision of the sunset.

If you have any great instagram tips, please leave them! I still need to learn how to fully use it.

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