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  • July 12, 2013



    Will it work out or not?  We sure do plan on it!

    Call me crazy, but the hunt is on for a DEPRESSING house far away from home.

    Our house has not sold yet, nor have we even nailed down a place to rent in our new destination.  This is a stressful time in our lives but we’re aiming to make it a great memory and to try to have fun during the process (therefore this video diary!)

    Thank You for all your comments and advice. WE LOVE AND APPRECIATE THEM MORE THAN YOU EVER IMAGINE!!
    And thank You to talented young Luke for editing this piece.

    If the video below does not show up in the e-mail version of the blog click on this link:

    Move.Like.You – Operation Destination!

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  • June 7, 2013


    We’re getting closer….

    This has been a crazy busy time preparing our house for sale.  When you get ready to move, it’s amazing how much stuff you realize you have that you don’t really need?

    How did that happen?

    I’ve spent days organizing, clearing things out and fixing things that had been put off for a long time.  I’ve now turned in to the official stressed slob!

    Stuff, just so much stuff…

    Packing up – step one.

    I was introduced to the pod! (if you get this post via e-mail and don’t see video click over to the blog)

    episode # 3 – Move.Like.You.-The Pod!

    There are a lot of nights lying awake wondering where this adventure will take us. But I’m also excited about change, new challenges and ideas.

    If you have any great tips on moving or have moved I would LOVE to hear from you in the comment section. The last video comments were so incredibly uplifting and the tips very helpful. They are appreciated more than you think.

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  • March 14, 2013


    I promised myself I would do video blogs, and when I see it I regret it because I realize how completely stressed out I am!!  So apologies for my outfit and for rushing through info but it seems with everything on my plate currently, it’s unavoidable.

    At least I’m not in sweat pants!

    Okay off the vanity stuff…I have an upcoming Tastemaker Sale on One King’s Lane where I will be selling a collection of item’s in my house as well as pieces I love. For two days our garage turned in to a photo studio as super talented photographer Erik Kvalsvik was sent out here to shoot. (Check out his site and books, such beautiful photographs.)

    Next week we find out the missing information we need to know where we are moving…..I’ll explain more in the next video. Please keep your fingers crossed it will all work out!!

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  • March 7, 2013


    The next few months will bring about a lot of change.

    So we thought we would have some fun and share this in a video diary, instead of just stressing out about it. We want to document it and  hopefully what we learn can be helpful to other people.

    Thought it would be a great way to to share laughs, troubles, good tips, sources, designs, ideas and  hopefully get some good advice from you!

    More details next time…

    If you are interested in following along I  will post about it on Instagram@jillhsorensen

    And create new design idea boards on Pinterest.com/livelikeyou.


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