• March 22, 2015

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    The renovations are going at full speed and we have only three weeks left to the move in date.  I apologize for the intermittent blog posts, but sometimes things get overwhelming and I’m working late in to the night and the blog falls behind. (If you read Swedish follow my daily renovation blog for Swedish design magazine Skona Hem here.)

    The time has come to go in to full design mode.

    Here’s an update of what has been going on…

    photo 1(3)

    I’m picking a paint color scheme ahead of finalizing wallpaper selections which is a challenge. I had planned to do it after we move in, but we are now instead getting some areas painted before.

    I’m forced to use restraint with the colors this time.

    photo 4(2)

    While there are a lot of vibrant hues I want to use, they have to be used the right way so I can create that California indoor/outdoor vibe.

    photo 3(4) IInstead Invite all the beauty of the California landscape in to the house.

    The house is facing a pretty, sunny view from a mountain perch, but it has a hill behind it making the lighting perhaps the trickiest I’ve ever worked with.  A major color picking challenge that I will share more about later!

    You might remember the kitchen looking like this…


    It’s now in the process of being installed.

    photo 4(3)

    It’s a calm white backdrop, but here is my color inspiration for kitchen.

    photo 3

    Image via instagram/kellywearstler

    Yellow and graphite…used sparsely.

    The living room used to look like this….

    6a copy

    And here it was last week…

    2015-02-24 15.08.13

    A new room has formed and a new fireplace has been built. Drywall is up and doors have plastic on them ready for a paint job.

    I want a seventies fireplace in the middle with stacked quartz stone.

    photo 5

    Kind of like this…



    The living room looked like this from the other direction after taking down the walls.


    Yesterday it looked like this….

    photo 1(11)

    Still along way to go.

    photo 1(12)

    The brick veneer is going on the double sided fireplace so we can hang a TV on it.

    And this is the new room in the living room, the den…

    photo 2(9)

    Built in bookcases are going in here.

    The pool is right outside the taped up window so here is some color inspiration.

    photo 4

    image via instagram@kellywearstler

    There’s a lot more to share which I will later in the week. I’m also getting ready to sell some furniture on Chairish so stay tuned!


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  • March 2, 2015

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    When the renovations are going at lightning speed you often have to make really quick decisions. Luckily sometimes those decisions can be the best.

    The house didn’t have a space for an office for me, so I had been playing around with the idea of getting an office out of the house. But I was also eyeing the large three car garage…


    We really don’t need a three car garage.

    It rarely rains in LA and we’ll never need all that space for storage.


    Although since the renovations began the garage looks more like a storage unit for doors and old toilets.

    But surely this can fit in a one car garage?

    Decision made.


    Two thirds of this messy garage would be turned in to a studio/office instead of a two story guesthouse.

    The space would large enough to store a lot of inventory as well as be a “hangout” office.

    rosabeltran copy

    image via Rosa Beltran design

    A happy creative space after working in temporary quarters way too long.

    summer3_rect540 copy

    image via Summer Thornton

    With lots of room for everything.

    But I was still not feeling inspired.


    The walls started going up to divide the space but it was still a garage.

    I wanted windows to see the fantastic view behind the garage. But I worried about the cost.

    Then I remembered the double screen door we had removed from the former master bathroom and replaced with a picture window. It would surely give us needed natural light and the view.

    Before we decided to install it Javier and I had one of our discussions. “I love the idea of a door there, but there is nothing there behind the garage to walk out to.”

    “How about a wood deck?” Javier said.

    In two seconds the decisions was made.

    photoh 2(1)

    The six foot wide door fit perfectly.


    It gave the space more light.

    photo 5(1)

    And as soon as the door went in…

    photo 4(1)

    …this started happening.

    photo 2(1)

    This is the only spot on the property that gets to enjoy the sunset.

    Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 12.32.33 PM copy

    Image via Rosa Beltran

    I can’t wait to create a fun office space where I we can have a glass of wine in the sunset after work…

    photo 2(4)

    …and enjoy this magical view.





    can’t wait to have a creative space with a deck


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  • February 18, 2015

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    I think I underestimated the amount of time it takes to write a daily design blog in Swedish, while renovating a house on top of my regular work, so I apologize for the silence. But I’m getting the hang of it now.

    Renovating is staying on top of a million details and making a crazy amount design decisions. Javier my contractor and I fortunately work really well together and handle things as they come up.

    There’s been a bunch of updates on the house…

    photo 3 copy 4

    My favorite being the laundry room and hallway tile that was put down today.


    You can lay them in a whole bunch of patterns but I love this way. They are from Cement tile company.

    I just love the slight ethnic yet modern vibe.


    This cute man in the beret owns the cabinet company making our kitchen cabinets.

    Can’t wait!

    photo 4 copy 6

    The kitchen is now one big open space.

    The dry wall has gone up in most places.


    Here Javier and I are working on the stacked mantle design for the now double sided fireplace.


    Drywall is up in most places.


    I looked a tons of quarzite stone slabs for the kitchen island. I want just the right pattern on it and I’m being very picky in my search.


    Tomorrow this grey and white tile is going in the guest bathroom.

    Can’t wait to show you more as this house is slowly coming together!




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  • January 21, 2015

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    Hmm….can we move in in 6 weeks?

    The house is basically just a shell still. if you have renovated I’m sure you’ve found yourself at this point.

    The “behind the scenes” updates have eaten up a bunch of time.  But we are still aiming to push for a March 1 move in date. Even if we have to sleep on the cement floor…


    Not really.

    Weirdly I’m not stressed, I just need double hours to every 24 hour period.  As far as updates you can see — a new living room has been shaped.

    The doors moved four feet to the left.


    In the back of the room the wall went up to create the new den/bedroom. This was last week.


    Now it’s closed up.


    A window has been added overlooking the pool area in the new little den.

    Perhaps not the most exciting updates, but it’s about to move a lost faster once the electrical is all done.

    On to the kitchen/TV room…


    Yep, not much has changed.

    The framing is coming up forming the new TV room.

    KItche barndoorarea

    Seen from the kitchen.

    tv room from inside

    This is the view in to the kitchen from the new TV room

    I have fallen in love with the open vibe so much that half way through framing for double doors from the TV room to kitchen, I decided to use barn doors instead like this…


    Although instead of two, one that slides across.


    Image via House Beautiful

    Like this…


    (image source unknown)

    I just got back from Vegas Trade show stressed to the max having to work nights to get things sorted out and get up to speed on ordering faucets etc.

    I was incredibly grateful when my dear friend Barbie showed me a hike 2 minutes from our new place that makes your heart sing.

    photo 2(4)

    Up in these beautiful mountains, you can see all the way to the ocean, to downtown LA, and all the way to the snow capped Sierra mountains.

    This will be my new dog hike.

    Can’t wait.






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