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  • April 27, 2012


    Time flies.

    One year ago today LiveLikeYou the website launched!


    Boy, have I learned a lot this year. From your failures and successes. One thing I know for sure, is that next year will be even better, and hopefully easier than the first. I also know and will share soon, the exciting changes that lay ahead.

    Thanks for coming along for the ride.

    Of course Bubba my trustworthy hardworking assistant had to be our model!

    Please feel free to share this code with anyone you want!

    We added a few items this week.

    Again…really just unusual, beautiful things for expressive and chic interiors.

    There is a trend in home design and fashion…and that is to be truly individual.








    ONE year

    365 days

    8760 hours

    525,600 minutes

    That’s a lot of time….to do a lot of great things to your home!

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  • January 23, 2012


    Are any of you business owners?

    Running your own business is full of daily challenges. While it’s a lot of fun, there are days you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, unsure of direction, alone in decision making, worried, uninspired and  everything feels like one big bad chore! Those days it’s great to have a Manifesto. Why are you doing the things you do? What inspires you? What do you hope to do with your business? What do you believe in? What’s your driving force?  My main driving force is my desire to help people. Help people live better and fuller lives.

    Lily, my great new assistant and graphic designer created an updated version of the LiveLikeYou Manifesto which will go on the site this week. We needed it to have a design style suited the spunky LiveLikeYou design & life view!

    No matter how I look at it. I know one thing for sure. Life is simply too short not to show up, in every way you can…

    I’m convinced that a big change in your life can kick start with the right coat of paint, or a daring new design twist in your space. I see it happen to people I help with redesign all day long.  It can make all the difference. (I going to start to share some stories.) We spend countless hours in our homes, and our surroundings affect us way more than we realize. On those days when you are feeling low…don’t you want to look around and be reminded of who you are, or cheered up or comforted by a great space that reminds you that you are actually really cool?

    As long as you commit, follow your heart, and allow yourself to be you, you are on the right track.

    Anyway it’s Monday a busy week lays ahead.  Commit to being you in every way you can!

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  • December 30, 2011



    A New Year = a fresh start, new goals, new experiences, new memories…can’t wait.  Whatever you didn’t get done in 2011-get it done 2012. Wipe out mistakes, failures and start over. It’s refreshing what a new year can offer.  Perhaps creating a home you dream of is on your agenda in 2012?  Here are my 12 STEPS TO LIVING LIKE YOU.

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  • July 18, 2011


    Did you see the Mamma Mia movie a couple of years ago?  IF NOT WATCH IT!!

    I fell in love with the bohemian interiors and that beautiful Greek Island. Ever since I saw it I’ve wanted to design a place like that.  A lot of times I go to the movies and fall in love with the interiors as much as the movie.  This time I’ve designed a look inspired by the Greek island retreat that Meryl Streep sang and danced her way through. It will be added to LiveLikeYou next Monday on 7/25. I wanted a space that would alter the emotions of the person living there the second they entered their home.  In short the way we should all live…in a way that moves our senses.

    The colors, and the relaxed bohemian vibe with the glittering blue ocean outside is contagious.  Set designers really know how to create a mood for the scene. They really know how much interiors really reveal about the person living in them.

    The movie was full of the much talked about Josef Frank’s textiles from Swedish Tenn.

    Every fabric is a master piece.

    Since you only catch glimpses of parts of rooms in the movie I’ve created my imaginary version of what they could look like.

    I’ve sourced furniture that I think would work in an island inspired feminine bohemian space.

    A painted four poster wood bed…a carved white mirror with distressed finish.

    I’ve mixed in some shell chandeliers even though not in the movie, but again it’s an interpretation of the look.

    The entire movie was so uplifting and free spirited – it was hard not to walk out of the theater smiling and singing.

    Cotton carpets.

    Interlaced painted chairs.

    Colorful painted, chipped country pieces.

    This settee I always loved, but haven’t been able to find one like it, unless I design a vintage one.

    But instead I’ve reinterpreted it with this one..

    A pretty yellow country settee, perhaps in the foyer.

    Basically just an unpretentious family friendly look.

    The whole point is to make the person living in it feel like Meryl Streep when she looks out the window…..

    ..like you’re gazing out at a beautiful island paradise.

    What are some of your favorite movie interiors?

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