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  • April 20, 2014

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    Hope you had a great Easter!

    Luke and I celebrated Easter  with some Swedish friends high up in the mountains in Malibu overlooking the Pacific. Just a 15 minutes drive from where we live now, we were remote up in the Santa Monica Mountains with the most incredible ocean views you can imagine.

    We’re looking for a house to buy and trying to figure out the best lifestyle….neighborhood in the city or further out by the ocean? Ahhh….decisions, decisions…

    The hike they took us on was out of this world.

    photo 2(2)

    It started right above the house and as far as you could see there was the big blue.

    photo 1(3)

    Kids and dogs came along, some smaller dogs like “Bubba” had a particularly comfortable hike up as we took turns carrying him if the sun felt too hot. He falls right to sleep the second someone picks him up.

    photo 5(1)

    And hour and a half later we made it to the top.  You can see past LA and Santa Monica in the background. (In case you are ever in the area this hike is called Tuna Canyon. Really worth a visit!)

    photo 5(2)

    You can see mountain ridges far up north when you look in the other direction.

    photo 1

    The kids playing in the horizon.

    photo 4(2)

    So majestic.

    City versus mountain living with ocean view. What would you pick?

    photo 2(1)

    Here’s the home they stayed at, Swedish vibe in Malibu.

    photo 2

    Could you wake up to this every day?

    photo 3(1)

    We ended the three hour hike with wine in the sunset right here.

    Not bad at all….



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  • April 15, 2014

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    Moving to LA was one of the most difficult decisions I ever made. I had to take Luke out of school, turn down tons of work, sell our house and things, and start a brand new life on the other side of the country. It was a gamble. After 6 months, would we love it or would we hate it?

    I can safely say it’s the best adult decision I ever made!   If you are sitting somewhere reading this and feeling unhappy about your life and where you are living, don’t be afraid to make a change. Moving and starting over has inspired me to be completely true to myself, as a human being, a mom, and with the direction of my business. I didn’t want to make the huge change of moving without committing all the way in all areas of my life. So still focusing hard on creating exactly the life I want.  I have a gratitude app on my Iphone (highly recommend it) and first on my list most days is our sweet new life here. It has such beautiful simplicity.

    In the mornings and evenings I either take bike or walk the dogs…


    …around this sweet neighborhood. It’s an oasis in the big city. Here you shop in the local little grocery store that has been in the same family for 80 years.  I love going there after dropping Luke at the school bus and before work in the mornings.  Locals, old, young, sometimes famous (it’s LA after all) come in for a fresh loaf of bread or just chat with the people who work there. If I walk the dogs there they even go out and give them treats while I’m shopping.

    People are happier in the sunshine-it’s not a myth!

    I had no idea that moving from a small town in Virginia to big town LA would feel like the opposite of what I had expected.

    photo 2(5)

    That’s Luke on one of the streets around here. We are so in love with these amazing giant palm trees. I take so many pictures of palm tress that I’m almost sick of myself.  I love walking everywhere here, the weather is never too hot and never too cold so there’s no excuse not to walk places.

    If you’re having a bad day at work, all you have to do is step outside and it’s impossible to stay in a bad mood.

    photo 5(2)

    I bring the dogs to many casual meetings or lunches here.  (Yeah I got a manicure since then.)

    LA might be the dog friendliest place I’ve been. They allow them almost everywhere.

    photo 2(6)

    Here is me attempting a “selfie” before a TV shoot the other day. (more on that later) As you can see the room has white walls which have been hard for me to live with!!  But we’re in a rental so it’s kind of refreshing not thinking of design every living breathing moment, and constantly redecorating.

    Kind of a painter with no canvas, but for now it’s okay, for now…

    Have tons new design stuff and products in the process and here’s some of what’s going on…

    photo 3(3)

    We temporarily taped up my new wallpaper for a shoot.  Sharing that next week, can’t wait.

    All the new designs have been inspired by what I see outside here.

    photo 5(4)

    Which is a lot of this! The insanely pretty plant life.

    photo 4(2)

    This is a tiny corner of the new Monogram bedding in SUNSHINE with LAVENDER ICE REGENCY PILLOW- my favorite color mix at the moment.

    photo 3(6)

    More  bedding in sunset colors – POWDER PINK, we also have PURPLE RAIN and KELLY GREEN coming out.

    photo 1(1)

    This is our little bungalow living room, it’s super sweet and our home until I find that perfect makeover project….

    photo 4(1)

    We’re thoroughly enjoying all this city has to offer, reconnecting with old friends and meeting great new people. I’m of course enjoying the amazing architecture. Everything is here – from old Hollywood mansions….

    photo 3(4)

    …to the upcoming modern and super funky Venice Beach. There’s just so much to see and do!  I will definitively share my favorite LA haunts if you ever plan a vacation here.

    Join me at JILLSORENSEN@INSTAGRAM if you want for daily updates.

    Are you planning on moving somewhere? Or thinking of it?  Please share!


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  • March 7, 2014

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    House hunting. Have you done it?

    You heard me talk about all the amazing new lifestyle changes that came with moving to this beautiful state. What I haven’t shared much of is our frustrating house hunt. When we made the decision to move here, the real estate market was in a slump and there were tons of fixers just waiting to be redone. I’m looking for an ugly duckling to fix, shouldn’t be hard right? Unfortunately the month we started house hunting the market went on an extreme upswing and before I even saw a property a home would have 5-10 bids from developers making the prices sky rocket. Disappointing to say the very least.

    So fast forward six months – we’re still in our rental. With slim pickings, crazy prices, old school charm with proximity to Luke’s school and the big blue – is hard to come by.  But I’m not giving up!

    This is what a lot of my days look like…

    photo 1(2)

    Found this sweet fifties house with a charming guest house in there back. Adorable.

    But 5 bids before I even visit, and load traffic noise in the back yard.


    Thankfully I’m working with a great real estate broker Henry Dodge the LA Realtor and there are tons of jokes and belly laughs along the way. This was an awesome property amazing ocean views but way out of our price range.

    photo 4

    Henry on the phone hunting down something…

    photo 3(1)

    A crazy Moroccan fixer than was going in to foreclosure…but one hour drive from Luke’s school.

    photo 2(1)

    Amazing views in Bel Air though.

    Screen shot 2014-02-25 at 9.46.13 PM

    I bid on this mid century place by the ocean….

    Screen shot 2014-02-25 at 9.46.27 PM

    Felt I could turn it in to a great family home. But it fell through…

    photoj 3(1)

    Could this be an office? Open it up and you have ocean views. Hmm…


    I’m staying hopeful…and until then we are in our cute bungalow rental in a great part of town.

    Could be worse.

    Are you house hunting?



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  • January 12, 2014


    Since arriving back to LA after Christmas break I’ve literally found myself giddy with excitement.

    I’m used to freezing my butt off in January swearing at the cold and darkness, getting depressed and dreaming about warmer places.  Instead now the early school mornings I used to swear over are a joy.  The insanely nice 70 degree  sunny weather arrives after a cool dewy night like the perfect present every day. Driving to the school bus in the early morning seeing the fog lift over the palm trees and the mountains I feel enormous gratitude, and I realize it was perhaps the best decision I ever made to move here.  Having grown up in Sweden and lived in cold areas my entire life, this is such an amazing new life to wrap your head around.

    Just as if the weather isn’t enough the flowers blooming right outside the door is a mini Garden of Eden.  And it’s hard not to get inspired by all this natural beauty.

    These flowers cover the entire area by our front door.

    They make me smile.

    The palm trees are so insanely majestic and cool. I’m in awe every time I pass one. If you follow me on instagram you know I’m obsessed! (INSTAGRAM@JILL SORENSEN)

    These flowers cover the path to my car, seriously as the fall off the trees. So I pick them up and leave them in the car on the breakfast table. They are literally everywhere now.

    The garage/studio is functioning as a temporary office with flowering trees all around.

    You want to bring all that happiness in.

    Behind the windows in the bungalow guest bedroom – more pink flowers. (Key Bedding in Orange)

    Walking the dogs in the neighborhood I find myself taking pictures of plants.

    All that I see around me now inspires me. And will undoubtedly make it’s way in to my designs.

    It’s impossible not to be affected by this.

    Crushing on lemon trees.

    Our bungalow living room which happen to have some of the colors right outside the door.

    If your feeling the cold blues and want some daily summer inspiration follow me on INSTAGRAM@JILLSORENSEN.COM.

    Have a great day!

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