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  • April 10, 2014

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    If you are looking for some great inspirational reading this weekend pick up Susanna Salk’s new book  Decorate Fearlessly.  For all you “maximalists” out there every page is like a present. Whether you are a Tony Duquette fan, a Dorothy Draper addict, color lover, or simply have a love for the adventurous you will love it.   It’s filled with deeply personal spaces. Susanna’s quote in the beginning of the book might be my favorite.

    A young designer asked her what made her select a room for the book? Her answer was:  “More than certain characteristics, it’s more like an indescribable feeling , like your heart is engaged in a tango with a delightful stranger, like you have the sudden urge to pick up the phone and call your best friend,  like how the thought of leaving fills you with sadness, as though a great novel ending”.  She finally said I suppose it comes down to these three words “Wow. Huh! Yum.”

    And she couldn’t be more right. It’s all about how a space makes you feel. IMG_7798

    The cover alone says it all.

    photo 2(7)

    You can spend hours looking at some of these interiors. And I love all the color!

    And of course the coolest thing of all, for me…

    photo 2(9)

    …is being part of it. Thrilled to have my foyer included with some of my favorite designers!

    After reading the book, and looking at this picture. Had I not know we were moving and it had to stay somewhat streamlined,  I would have torn out the stone floor, installed wood then painted it in some crazy pattern in the boldest colors I would have found.

    Have  a great weekend!


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  • August 23, 2013


    Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!  Just wanted to quickly share this article…

    Since Luke and I still feel like we’re out here in LA on vacation, it was a surreal feeling when I picked up the latest issue of Coastal Living and read “California designer Jill Sorensen…” in Santa Monica.

    What perfect timing and welcome!

    I’m not sure what your design reads are, but Coastal Living is one of my personal favorites. You can pick up the September issue of the magazine or read some of my design tips and (pet peeves)  here.

    Coastal Living.

    There is a big bedding and carpet sale going on on LiveLikeYou so in case you need some you might not want to miss it.

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  • June 21, 2013


    Happy Friday!

    In case you are local, pick up an issue of Arlington Magazine. Some cool screened in porches in the summer issue.  Even though half packed up, we styled our porch for the shoot.

    Arlington Magazine

    And don’t miss the LAST TWO DAYS OF THE BEDDING SALE this weekend!

    Have a great weekend!

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  • May 30, 2013


    In case you’re stuck in line at Safeway this weekend — grab this magazine.

    A lot of my home makeovers are in it.

    Seeing the “before” pictures reminds me how dull and depressing our home looked.  It really reminds me how much I love living with color.

    Here are a few pages in case you miss the real thing…

    Better Homes and Garden’s new publication.

    Yes my living room looked like that. Hard to believe! In case you read the text, no, I never had a corporate job (but I probably would have  quit it.) . But the colorful makeover was started to cheer Luke up when his dad got brain cancer.

    So glad we did it.

    Some living room “before pics”

    The funny thing is Dan and Luke fought me all the way, asking me not to change the house.

    Only to 100% agree with me now!

    Luke’s chair was put in the hallway for shoot.

    Omar you made the magazine spread!!!

    The advice above I stand by fully. It’s an absolute MUST to start there when attempting to do you house.

    Thank You to Better Homes and Garden, writer Jennifer for sharing my tips in such a fun way, and lovely Bonnie and Gordon.

    Oh, and my name is Sorensen with an “e”! Oh well.

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