• Hello FEARLESS home!
  • January 4, 2015

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    I get so inspired when I see people live their dream and create a home that truly reflects who they are, and how they want to live. (Hence the name of my blog…LiveLikeYou.)

    I read an article about super model Angela Lindvall’s eco home in Malibu and just had to share it. She transformed a piece of land in Topanga Canyon in Malibu to a sustainable paradise for herself and her two sons. The home is in the country side, has dreamy mountain views, yet not even 30 minutes outside LA.  Her eco-home has a filtration system (to cut back on bottled water), huge fruit trees and herb plantings, a charging station for her Ford C-MAX Energy hybrid, and solar panels to power the yurt in her back yard, which is used as a guesthouse.   And perhaps my favorite part, the airy circus-tent-like canopy made from a re purposed army parachute where she and her yoga instructor teach yoga.



    Images via Elle Decor.

    Cozy outdoor sitting area.


    The house and trampoline area for kids.


    Outdoor fireplace for those cool LA nights.

    elle-05-july-living-opener-angela-lindvall-0712-xln copy

    Swimming pool and charging area for her electric car.


    The indoors has a lot of character. A cozy rustic retreat with lots of personal touches.

    elle-04-july-living-opener-angela-lindvall-0712-xln copy



    The yoga tent.


    The herb and vegetable garden.


    A yurt as guest house, love it.



    Kind of makes you want to move to California, right?

    You want to see more on her home and philospohy? Here is a cool video.



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  • May 18, 2014

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    I came upon talented stylist/author/designer Justina Blakeney a few weeks ago on Instagram, being amazed by her amazing photos of flowers and fruit styled like faces or in cool arrangements. So happy I hopped over to visit her site to find that her home is just as creative as she is.

    A fearless home generally has a a fearless family or person living in it.  People who know what they love and have no fear of expressing who they are in their personal space.  Justina’s bohemian California “Jungalow” is such a fun creative space!


    All images by Justina Blakeney.












    Screen shot 2014-05-14 at 3.12.50 PM

    Here are one of her amazingly styled floral faces! You can follow her here to see more.


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  • March 11, 2014

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    If you’re an avid blog reader you have probably seen this home make the rounds. If you have not, you’re in luck!

    Christine Dovey of the beautiful blog Bijou & Boheme is a talented designer, stylist and artist with her very own uber cool vibe.  Her home if a perfect visual expression of living like you. This house makes me want to pour a glass of pink champagne and never leave!

    The colors are mostly muted pale pinks, metals and natural hues but there’s nothing muted about this space.

    Hello FEARLESS home!


    Ostrich wallpaper.


    Girlie glam kitchen dining area.


    Irresistible kitchen.





    Relaxed and cozy yet uber cool.


    Wouldn’t you feel so chic doing laundry in here?


    A little girl’s dream room.



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  • March 11, 2013


    Following your heart has been high on my priority list the last few days.  I’m so excited to know we’re about to make big changes to our lives that’s truly taking steps toward following our dreams.  It’s not always easy to stay true to yourself and what you really want, since responsibilities, commitments  and the security of the “known” is a strong gravitational pull.  I appreciate all of you who commented here and Facebook more than you know – so inspiring! I’d LOVE to hear more about what you are doing. As soon as more things get sorted out I’ll share more of our details.

    So posting my Swedish friend fashion stylist and journalist Jennifer Jansch charming soul filled house in Sweden fits right in.  I’ve been waiting to put this on the blog, but had to wait for it to come out in Lonny this past weekend!  (You saw their amazing Stockholm apartment on the blog here and at met her at a shoot here.) She moved with her family to NYC to pursue their dream of living in Manhattan. But summers are spent at heir dreamy Swedish summer house.

    Can’t wait to visit!

    (All images Lonny magazine)

    Husband, wife and three cute daughters.

    Swedish whites with kilims.

    (Hey Jennifer I NEED that mirror!)

    Living room.

    Pretty Celeste.

    How cozy are those beds?

    Nothing beats Swedish summers. Really nothing.

    Pippi Longstocking inspired generations of Swedish women to live free spirited lives in charming old wood houses, where fun and imagination is part of the daily deal. It’s been etched in to our souls!

    Love the closet!

    Margaux in the window.

    Kid’s room.

    Great for chilly Swedish nights.

    Celeste, Margaux and Cappi having fun.

    Jennifer launched the adorable Swedish company Bag-All yesterday. Don’t miss to check it out. You can buy pretty fabric bags instead of wasting another tree on wrapping paper!!

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