• October 28, 2013


    I love designing for kids.

    They are fun little clients particularly when their parents allow them to be involved in the design process. Patty  contacted me and needed a new updated room for her son Kevin who had just turned 10. She wanted a room that would last him until going off to college.  “Style-chats” with kids are my favorite. Kevin was very clear on what he wanted — a lime green and black room because it was electric.

    This is what the room looked like before, a room he had outgrown–

    The young boy design wasn’t holding up anymore and he needed something that felt like him.

    8-10 years old is a great age to redesign your kids rooms. It’s the perfect time to introduce a more adult room with a sense of fun.

    I suggested a grass cloth wallpaper in Kelly green with lime undertones as I thought it would add a sophisticated feel to a bold color scheme.  Then lots of black and white accents to pop and some natural rugged elements to make it relaxed.

    And of course we scoured the house to see what could be used and made over before buying anything new.

    This was the STORY BOARD.

    Several existing chairs would be reupholstered and a few pieces reinvented.

    Redesigning existing furniture can sometimes be just as pricey as buying some new pieces (unless you do them yourself).

    But on this job Jose and team came in and followed a makeover plan.

    The green dresser would got new fun knobs and a dressy black and white gloss finish.

    And a nightstand from another room got a detailed paint job.

    So Kevin’s room went from this BEFORE:

    To this AFTER:

    Photograph Stacy Zarin Goldberg

    Lime green and black with red accents.

    Photograph Stacy Zarin Goldberg

    Recovered slipper chair in jungle inspired fabric,  black Bang Bang bedding and custom Lucky headboard in charcoal denim. And my new Mark Pillow in custom color. (The headboard can be ordered in any color by e-mailing contact@livelikeyou.com)

    The made over night stand.

    Photograph here and below by Stacy Zarin Goldberg

    Here is the made over dresser with rope mirror. And another reupholstered chair in a wavy zig zag.

    The book case got painted lacquer red.

    The draperies are from my Jill Sorensen label. The Regency curtain in beige linen blend with black silk border.

    It’s a ready made curtain but looks like custom curtains for half the price tag. My favorite design secret that also helps the budget!

    I’m working on the new website for my company and will have a new online design service that I think will be perfect for kid’s rooms. Will share more on that later!


    If you live in the DC area check out this designer sample sale in Herndon this weekend.  I have a bunch of items in it as well. See info below!

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  • December 3, 2012


    Headboards -  especially an upholstered headboard, is one of my favorite pieces of furniture.

    Not only are they cozy to lean your head against when you’re reading in bed at night or watching TV.  A headboard is for me the automatic start to a bedroom design. It offers an instant and pretty focal point and defines the cozy spot where you sleep, which is, yeah, the whole point of the bedroom!  There are items I would spend money on in a home, and items I wouldn’t. The headboard is a place I would not hold back. A bedroom without a headboard is like a human without a head to me. (okay one of my more lame quotes..) But really it’s just such a fun and useable piece…

    Hot Pink Lily Headboard

    I’m slowly creating more and more privately designed products on to LiveLikeYou because I want certain items that I can’t find anywhere else so I design them.

    Headboards offers another area to define your style. I however do often go for a solid headboard so that it can come with you even when you move or redesign. Really a nicely done headboard you can have for life.

    I personally love beautiful, lush but durable velvets for a chic look.

    I have a million bed designs. First I draw a ton of different ideas.

    And then I draw a bunch more.

    After drawing on paper, I come up with the measurements and scale.  Then I head to the work room where they are made. There my drawing has been done on the wood base.

    I always go in and fix shapes so they curves are just they way I want them.

    It always looks different when you see it in the real size.

    After that…

    …it gets cut.

    After cutting it out a thick layer of padding is added to the front of the headboard  (see picture below in article).

    The back of all the headboards get white plain fabric with trim for a neat look, and so that they easily can go up against the wall.

    It’s gets covered all over including the legs.

    The last step is adding the nail heads.

    I love nail heads.

    And this is what it looks like when it’s done.

    Black Lily Headboard

    When a customer orders one, we ask for the exact bed height just so we can get the best custom fit for their mattress. The headboard can just stand against the wall with the bed pushed against it, or it can be screwed on to the bed frame. Either one works well. I prefer just to let it sit against the wall because that stays put very well. In these pictures you see only the top of the legs, but it’s approximately 20″high where the actual back starts.

    Grey Lily Headboard

    This shape comes in GRAY….

    Yellow Lily Headboard


    Here is a little sneak peek at another shape called JULIETTE HEADBOARD.

    This particular one was made for a little girl’s bedroom in NYC, but it will soon be available on the site.

    This is what it looks like with just the padding on it.

    This is what makes it so comfortable!

    Here the fabric is going on.

    And here is the headboard complete in the work room. This design has buttons.

    And here is a JULIETTE headboard in hot pink in a client’s daughter’s room.

    Hope you enjoyed seeing how they are done.

    If you have any questions regarding headboards e-mail me at contact@marmaldeinteriors.com.

    Happy Monday!

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  • September 21, 2012


    Remember a while back… I was redoing the foyer chair?

    Many of you probably won’t like this makeover, but it’s funny how you plan on doing one thing, and then you do something completely different.

    This is where I started out…

    I had so many fabric choices I couldn’t make up my mind.

    I needed it ready for a photo shoot on a certain day, so that ruled out a couple of my front runners like the yellow bamboo.

    I then decided I didn’t want anything too cute.

    Here is the chair originally.


    Martin Lawrence Bullard fabric. He is a design genius. But yep, everyone might not agree with this print as the first thing you see when you enter.

    But I wanted the chair to be it’s own entertaining vibe. And I wanted all the colors to tie in with the three rooms you see when you enter the house. I also want to be able to move it soon to another room.

    Hello lively chair?

    The outside and the back of the chair I covered in black velvet. The legs got high gloss white paint.

    That way the print is only busy from one direction.

    I added contrasting black velvet piping to add some definition.

    Is it the perfect look with the wall and floor?

    No. But it entertains me.

    And I can’t really see anything wrong with that?

    After all, our home is a place we should be who we are….or perhaps figure out who we are?

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  • September 6, 2012


    Coffee!! School mornings are back!

    Okay here are two simple no brainer makeovers that I swear by.  The most SIMPLE yet powerful transformations.

    First one….  PAINT A DRESSER WITH GOOD BONES A BOLD HIGH GLOSS RED AND SPRAY PAINT THE HARDWARE CHROME. (Kelly green, black or peacock blue work great too!)

    Okay not really anything new. But the fact is it works. This is a dresser I had made over for a client’s boy’s room in NYC.  Adding at least a few vintage pieces for each job I do is a must.

    Start out with a piece with really good bones and some interest.

    Sand it, prime it, then add two coats of paint. A lot of you ask….no I don’t do most makeovers myself since I’m doing so many jobs I don’t have time.  But this is easy to do yourself.

    We used RED by Benjamin Moore and KRYLON CHROME spray paint on this dresser.

    It turns it in to a chic mid century dresser.

    Looks brand new!

    Take off the hardware and spray paint.

    This is now chic for any room!

    Okay second one…



    OKAY I’M TIRED TODAY so getting bit dramatic…but seriously I swear by this! I will never ever leave a stair case like this…It works for some interiors but even the most basic makeover increases the look in your entrance.

    I have a clear picture for the “before” shot and only a blurry Iphone picture from job the other day for the “after”. But it still looks so much better.

    Handrails and buttons go black, everything else white.

    Here we used WHITE DOVE and BLACK BEAUTY in semigloss from Benjamin Moore.

    Railings all the way upstairs should be defined.

    Another blurry Iphone image…ouch.  But as you can see a much cleaner and more elegant look.

    That’s my two cents for today.

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