• February 17, 2014

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    Screen shot 2014-02-17 at 10.24.50 PM

    262dd copy 3

    Screen shot 2014-02-17 at 10.30.54 PM

    Screen shot 2014-02-17 at 5.17.48 PM

    Screen shot 2014-02-17 at 5.19.40 PM

    Screen shot 2014-02-16 at 11.10.05 PM

    Monogram carpet in lavender

    Screen shot 2014-02-17 at 5.25.12 PM


    Beige Regency Pillow


    Lavender Ice Regency Pillow

    Sea Green Monogram

    Sea Green Monogram pillow


    Amethyst Regency Pilllow


    Screen shot 2014-02-17 at 5.25.08 PM

    Marmalade Interiors

    Beige Lucky Bedding


    Beige Lucky Standard sham




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  • February 12, 2014

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    Now that’s not a very chic blog post title for a design blog.

    But honestly isn’t that pretty much the reality for today’s lifestyle? Whether we have kids, pets, guests or not, a designed space needs to withstand life. When I started out designing I used to be that horrible kind of designer who would put pale silk chairs that you really could not sit in, in the living room. Fast forward a few years and I’m WAY more sensible….(if any of my first clients read this I know you are laughing)

    One of the reasons I wanted to design my own products was to create items that were chic and high on style, yet you can “get down and dirty with them” in lack of a more eloquent description.
    The cotton rugs we make are reversible and completely easy to clean. And that’s a fact!!!  This past Christmas I had put down our cream Monogram  carpet in our TV room in Sweden. My mom had just served Glogg (hot red wine drink with sugar). Before I even take a sip from my filled cup, my nephew chases something and runs right in to me. The  Glogg goes flying ALL OVER THE CREAM CARPET!!!

    Everyone was horrified!  But we simply did what the instructions say (minus the Woolite). We dabbed/rubbed it with some moist towels. And to my complete DELIGHT (and honestly surprise) not a single spot was left!! And it was red wine on a white carpet.

    Mission accomplished. This is a carpet that works for the modern household!

    Screen shot 2014-02-11 at 1.19.13 PM

    Therefore I feel the need to share this. No more worrying about kids spilling or pets bringing in messes. And on top of it, you can REVERSE the carpet and use the other side.  I really need to make some videos about this.

    I use a ton of them for private design clients. Can’t wait to add more designs and colorways.

    Screen shot 2014-02-11 at 6.33.56 PM

    This Mark Road Trip ($ 525) design was the first one. The colorway above is called Road Trip because it resembles the colors on the road.


    And who can resist a road trip?


    Yellow lines on asphalt. And nothing can withstand more than that…

    Mark carpets

    It’s a 100% cotton weave. It’s sturdy yet really soft so kids can comfortably play on the floor.

    Screen shot 2014-02-11 at 6.36.37 PM

    The MARK-Poseidon $ 525

    This colorway is a dark charcoal with a beautiful dark ocean aqua so we adequately named is Poseidon..


    Like a dark beautiful ocean that conquers all. Yes… have to give everything fun names.

    IMG_1825 copy 2

    Stay tuned…in the next few weeks we are giving away a MARK carpet.

    In the meantime don’t miss out on the www.houseofturquoise.com bedding giveaway going on until Friday.



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  • January 7, 2014


    This blog post is about curtains.  If your eyes glaze over about the un sexy topic of curtains I apologize.

    But I really feel the need to share this.

    Curtains are the one thing I continuously see ruin so many people’s interiors.  I often see lots of money spent on a nice big couch, while the windows are often overlooked. They are left either uncovered, or with a flimsy curtain that’s often the wrong size for the window and either blocks the view and light, or lets too much light in. The lack of thought regarding the windows always, always, always cheapen the look of the rest of the design.  Period.

    Therefore I always encourage my clients to have custom curtains made.  The luxurious look you get is generally always worth the cost.  However the hefty price tag for well made custom curtains with pinch pleats can easily run up the budget very quickly if you want them for all your rooms.   Therefore  I wanted to come up with a solution. That is the main reason I started designing and developing the best kept designer secret I know – our simple pinch pleat top Regency curtains. I use them for so many of my clients and they are always thrilled with the quality of the look yet for half the price of custom made drapes!

    The only problem is I don’t have a store so people can see them in person. The photographs we have on the site simply don’t do them justice!

    The pinch pleat top gives it a designer look and the lined backing allows just the right amount of light to come through.

    When you use them in bedrooms you can order them with black out liner.

    Here they are in my old office.

    They are the most versatile curtains because they look chic and elegant in almost any interior.

    We now also added them in Natural linen blend color with black border.

    Great look for a bedroom, a family room, library, boy’s and girl’s bedrooms.

    Seriously anywhere.

    They also come in a Beige linen blend with black border.

    The curtains take approximately 4-6 weeks from date of order to delivery right now from our site. You can also order them with double width for wider windows.  All the images in this post are of the single width.

    I always recommend hanging the curtains as high up as possible leaving just a little room from the ceiling, and wide to allow light to shine in.

    The Regency curtain also comes with an Espresso silk border.

    This is a snap shot from a client’s teen girl room above.

    If you any questions about them or want to know what kind to order for your room. Just e-mail me a picture of your room to jill@jillsorensen.com and I can give you suggestions.

    This month we are adding more cool chic curtain designs as well.

    Because nothing “cozies” up a home like a good curtain!

    P.S. To my dear blog readers…use this code at check out and you will receive 15% off on your drapery order.

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  • September 24, 2013


    Moving and decorating a new place can be a very stressful and expensive process.

    Since the real estate market was “on fire” in LA it became impossible for us to find a house to buy, so instead we had to look for a temporary rental.  Thanks to my broker Henry Dodge and my friend Julie in LA we found an cute bungalow just a few days before the moving trucks arrived.  That gave me only a couple of hours to plan a design for a place I had never seen in person.  And this had to be done without buying anything new AND leaving our house in Virginia perfectly staged to sell.

    I want to share the SIMPLE & QUICK steps I followed to decorate with nothing new!

    STEP # 1


    As soon as you have secured the new place, bring paper and pen and a camera to the space. Take one picture from each corner of the room. And one picture from each side of the room.  This gives you an excellent overview when you come home and start to work on a design.  At this point also take notes as to what the landlord needs to do. Here is a picture Julie sent me of the living room.

    STEP 2


    Measure everything, and I mean everything! The width and length of each room, ceiling height, window height and widths, fireplace, fireplace surround, depth of fire mantle, really everything.  (Since I was not here, Julie and Henry had to do what my E-Decor clients have to do.)

    Take excellent records. Type them in your computer!

    STEP # 3

    If no one can provide you with existing floor plans, no worries!   You can create professional looking plans in a snap.   Forget hours learning  Autocad.  Henry (my excellent broker!) found a fantastic app for your Ipad that worked like a charm. PADCAD.

    A floor plan allows you to get an overview of the space and help you see what the  basic pieces you need for each room.

    STEP # 4


    This is the hardest, but most fun part.

    Go shopping in your own home. Figure out what furniture you absolutely want to bring with you to your new home, and what pieces you need to make each room functional. In our living room I needed the room to be both living room and TV room.  So I knew I needed : a couch with pillows, a couple of chairs, a carpet, a coffee table, a mirror, two lamps, curtains, a plant or two, a cabinet for the TV with storage, a console table, extra chairs for TV viewing and some art for the walls.

    Keep in mind that scale is everything!  Measure all your pieces to make sure they fit the space.

    The list does not have to be perfect at first. Just a good idea what could be used for the room.

    STEP # 5


    Draw each room to scale simply on lined paper. Then draw in your furniture pieces to scale with colored pens. You can do a few different ones. Do this for each room. This way you can see color scheme and scale at the same time. I do prefer drawing to any other method.

    STEP 5


    We arrived to a nicely fixed up place…two weeks later.

    And here it is installed via Instagram (JILLHSORENSEN@INSTAGRAM)

    The couch, cowhide and zebra pillows I brought from our living room.

    The chairs from our guest bedroom

    The coffee table from our library.

    The curtains from our master bedroom.

    The couch was the first thing that had to come. You can read why here.

    The pillows are mix up from a few rooms. (Added our sample of the upcoming Monogram pillow collection.)

    The coffee table came from the library.

    The mirror came from the master bedroom.

    The TV cabinet was the old office cabinet.

    The brown bedroom chairs came from our master bedroom.

    The green bench from our livingroom.

    The plant stand from our dining room.

    The lamps from our library.

    And yes I did buy one thing….the curtains rods. This ceiling needed lighter rods so I used this one.

    I hope this can help you with your next move!

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