• January 10, 2012


    I’m very excited to have my friend, ultimate lifestyle and design guru from Rachel Ray and many other TV shows, LIBBY LANGDON share her beautiful bedroom with us today!! You probably have heard of her, and caught some of her encyclopedia of knowledge and clever ideas somewhere.  And don’t miss to check out her new name sake furniture line, (sneak peek at end of article). Seeing her fresh and serene bedroom with amazing views and cozy and clever creature comforts it’s hard not to want to move right in!

    Welcome Libby!!


    I LOVE our bedroom in Sag Harbor, it’s light, bright and airy.   We have and “upside down” house, meaning that the main living spaces (living room, dining room, kitchen and master suite) are all up on the 3rd floor and since it’s one of the highest spots in Long Island we are up above the treetops.  The walls of the bedroom are Benjamin Moore’s “White Satin” #2067-70 and it’s a very pale, icy blue that makes the room feel so peaceful and serene!

    1) I love that our bedroom is so peaceful and quiet.

    We are at the end of a dead end street and there’s a nature preserve behind us so it’s the most restful place for us.  Living part of the week in New York City (which is NEVER quiet) makes us appreciate the utter silence of our bedroom in Sag Harbor!

    2)  I really love the seating area in the bedroom.

    We have a wonderful view of the Sag Harbor Bay and it truly is the perfect place to sit and have coffee and tea in the morning and read the paper.  The wing chairs are my favorite periwinkle blue color, and they are super comfortable, it’s a perfect morning time perch with a birds eye view!

    3) My custom night stands

    I had these custom bedroom nightstands made, I wanted them to be at the exact same height as the top of the mattress because I don’t like reaching up or down to adjust an alarm clock.   I also had pieces of glass cut to fit on the top because I always have a glass or water or cup of tea in the bedroom and I like the ease of just being able to wipe down a piece of glass instead of worrying about water rings on stained wood!

    4) Plug-in lamps dimmers!

    A requirement for all my bedrooms and all bedrooms I design for clients is a plug-in lamp dimmer!   I buy them at Home Depot (you can get them at most home improvement stores or a good hardware store)  You simply plug it into your wall socket and then plug the lamp into the lamp dimmer and voila’, you can make your lamplight as soft or as bright as you like!   It’s so great if you want soft romantic light at night or you want to ease into bright light on those dark winter mornings.  Also by having the lamp dimmer on your nightstand it keeps you from having to physically reach up to turn a lamp off or on, it’s right there at your fingertips and so easy!

    5) The sunrises!

    I adore the sunrises from our bedroom, I am usually up before the sun is and when I get to see the beautiful sky and all the incredible colors it helps me to stop and be thankful for where we live!  I find it inspiring to see the sun come up and it makes me want to go out and make it a great day!!!

    6) I love the remote control gas fireplace!

    I know that real firewood smells so good but the convenience of the gas fireplace in the bedroom is so fantastic!   If we want to have the fire on  for a little while before we go to sleep it’s great, when we want to turn it off just pick up the remote control and turn it off (no getting up and out of bed), no worrying about stray coals or ashes burning when you are asleep.   It is also wonderful on cool mornings to flick on before getting out of bed and if we are leaving for the day we know we can just turn it off where if we had a wood burning fireplace we wouldn’t light any logs because we wouldn’t want wood or coals burning while we were gone.   It’s so easy and I think we enjoy fires in the bedroom fireplace so much more than if we had a wood burning fireplace in there!

    Fire place remote.

    7) The bedroom rug

    It’s actually broadloom carpeting by Shaw that’s meant to be wall to wall carpeting but I had it cut into an area rug. It gives color and lightness to the room but the pattern could feel overwhelming if it were wall to wall. This is a great trick for any room in the house, dining room, living room or bedrooms. You can look for a remnant at a big carpet store/warehouse and then cut it and bound to fit the size of your room, small rugs make rooms look and seem smaller.  If you are wondering how bug the rug should be I think a good rule of thumb is to measure your room and then make the bound rug 16″ smaller all the way around then the overall size of the room. Also, just know that all your furniture doesn’t have to be completely on or completely off the rug, furniture can be half on and half of an area rug.

    8) 8) I really love the monogrammed coverlet and shams that my Mom gave me as a present a few years ago.

    They are from Peacock Alley and are a simple, clean mattelesse and the embroidery is in pale blue thread.   It keeps the bed from feeling too overstuffed and fussy and I ADORE anything with a monogram, it feels so personal!

    9) In the bedroom, I love having privacy shades instead of blackout shades.

    The privacy shades have a little light filter but it’s not completely keeping your room in total darkness.   I like to wake up with the sun and find it hard to wake up if the room is as dark as a cave.   Online you can find all sorts of inexpensive roller shade ideas and it allows you to have some fun with window treatments that you never have to close, a roller shade is the easiest to operate on a daily basis!

    10)  I love the picture that I got from my Mother-in-law of my husband when he was a little boy.

    It’s on my bedside table and it makes me feel so happy every time I look at it.  I have tons of pictures throughout our house and I believe this is a way to stay close with family even when we don’t get to see them on a regular basis.   It’s also extra special to mix new pictures with old pictures!


    Here’s a peek from Libby’s pretty furniture line!!

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  • August 1, 2011

    Janell Beals is one of those inspiring people who fearlessly takes her own path, follows her dreams and with seemingly endless energy turns them in to successful businesses. I’m so excited to have her share her stunning bedroom on LLY today!  Besides her super blog Isabella & Max Rooms, she recently launched a fantastic online magazine House of Fifty.  My favorite part is how the magazine came about….She was approached about a big opportunity, but after the subject of her age came up it came to a dead end.  She felt rejected for a moment, but decided her best business opportunities were still ahead, she just had to create them herself.
    So she started her own magazine! I can’t wait to cheer her on as she leaves whomever that was in the dust!!!
    The second issue of her fun, beautiful magazine launches today!
    You MUST hop over and have a look!!
    Welcome Janell!!

    I am delighted Jill asked me to participate in her series 10 Things I Love About My Bedroom! I am a big fan, and I’m laughing because Jill of course is known for her unique talent of being able to use unlimited amounts of color in a room with tremendous success. So what do I have to share? A room of neutrals! But, I do aspire and am taking color notes from her work!
    1. The Upholstered Headboard Wall.
    I love its strong presence in the room, and it was the first project tackled when I worked on the bedroom, setting the stage for all the other choices.
    2. Table Lamps.
    I appreciate them even more because they once looked like this:
    Spray paint, fabric and trim transformed them and their large scale work alongside the height of the headboard.
    3. The Vintage Pagoda Chandelier.
    I found this fixture several years ago and am so glad I didn’t hesitate and jumped at the chance to bring it home! It’s not often I spy a fixture I like as much.
    4. The Settee, with sunlight streaming in.
    It’s a great spot to sit and relax, on rare moments. More often it serves as a handy place to lay out outfits when packing! That has to change…
    5. A Bargain Directorie Table found at Target.
    Just the right size for this little corner and it’s well made!
    6. DIY Drapes with Contrasting Band.
    This room is all about a mix of masculine and feminine and the graphic design here is a check in the masculine column.
    7. The Art Wall.
    A small wedding photo alongside framed bits of fabric and architectural letters adds interest to this corner of the room.
    8. Comfortable, Warm and Soft Bedding.
    It gets cold here!
    9. The View from the Bathroom.
    I adore how the pattern from the headboard is reflected in the mirror while standing at the bathroom vanity. The pattern fills the doorway, appearing nearly like a wallpaper covering the wall beyond.
    10. A Simple Canvas.
    With colors similar to the walls in the adjoining bath, this canvas brings the two spaces together creating a sense of unity between the rooms. And again, the sunlight creating shadows…a favorite aspect of this bedroom to be sure.
    This room is filled with a long list of DIY projects, from bedding to pillows, drapes to lamps, showing that a room can be put together without completely breaking the bank!
    Thanks again for having me Jill!
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  • June 3, 2011


    So excited to introduce you to possibly the most fun, innovative blogger, master crafter and designer out there Cassie and her family from Hi Sugarplum.  I’m always in awe of her endless stream of fantastic DIY’s and ideas for your home! Thanks for participating Cassie!!

    Hi guys! I’m Cassie from Hi Sugarplum! I am beyond thrilled to be hanging out here today. My obsession adoration for Jill and her talent is kind of embarrassing. Every color choice she makes amazes…and inspires…me.
    Her “10 Things” Series is one of my favorite in blogland, too. There is something so sweet and honest about a young person’s opinions. I asked my 10-year-old son to tell me his favorite things about his room, and it was funny to hear what he gravitated towards, and why! It was hard, but I kept quiet and let him do the talking.
    But first, this was his reaction when seeing his new room for the first time! (We surprised him with a room makeover while he was visiting grandparents out of town last Summer.)
    How’s that for a happy customer?! His joy made all the hard work worth it. Take it away, Jackson!

    1) Magnetic strips and containers: I can keep my stuff up there and change it easily. And the magnet is really strong, so it’s cool to throw metal stuff at it.
    magnetic strips

    2) Desk: It has a secret drawer!

    3) Alarm clock: The orange is cool and it’s easy to set the alarm. I also like having brand new pencils.

    4) Colors of the dresser: The brown and white look good together. My old one was so baby.

    5) Wall Stripes: My friends always notice those first and say, “Whoa, cool wall!”

    6) Giant Map: I use it all the time to find out where places are…and see where my parents are going when they take trips without me and my sister!!! (He was glaring at me when he said this.)

    7) Shelf and Corkboard: Great place for my trophies and to stick stuff!
    shelf and board

    8) Giant Bed: I’ve always had the queen size, but now the comforter feels grown up.

    9) Curtains: I like how they block the whole window and make my room dark when I close them. They also make a good roof when I build a fort.

    10) It’s just cool!!! My old room was so baby that I was embarrassed! Now I love when my friends come over because they always tell me how cool my room is and wish they had one like it!
    Thanks, Jackson, for your fun answers! And thanks, Jill, for allowing me to share on your rockstar blog today! My favorite part of the room? That I completed the full makeover for under $300!! Oh yeah. Check out all the projects and Before & Afters here.

    xo. Cassie
    Hi Sugarplum!


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  • March 9, 2011

    I’m so excited to welcome my lovely, talented Swedish blog friend Monika from Splendid Willow today! By inviting us in to her beautiful bedroom she proves that the best design is the one combining physical beauty along with meaningful, personal touches. Monika writes an addictive design blog from Seattle with just the perfect touch of Scandinavian influence.  And you must check out her new online store!!  (Warning…you’ll be unable to resist the turquoise rubber boots) If you’re feeling lucky enter her giveaway here.

    Hello, Monika from Splendid Willow here. It is an honor for me to be here today. I adore Jill (and her chic style) and I hope to meet with her in person within not too long. Blog Swedes in the US, need to stick together!
    I am not inviting many people into my bedroom – let me make that clear! And I am hoping for a total bedroom makeover down the road (including rustic plank wood floors) but here are 10 things that I am very attached to.
    1. My blue chest.
    My own little DIY project. I took an old (not great quality) Swedish chest and gave it some much needed love by painting it a high-gloss blue and changing the hardware. My own, personal little piece of heaven.
    2. The mirror is a good quality vintage piece that I found at a consignment store for about $30!
    I ran out of the store with it! I love the lines.
    3. I found these vintage Marching Band Cards from Paris at a flea market.
    My husband studied classical music in University and our house is always filled with good music, thanks to him.
    4. I like to keep things organized.  But it is mighty hard with a large house, 3 young kids and several animals. The only place where I know I can always keep things neat and organized is in the drawers of my bedside table. I like the feeling of a clutter free zone in the bedroom were a quiet and soothing atmosphere is so important for the soul.
    5. I can’t draw to save my life. But now and then I buy a canvas and let my inner artist lose. This is the first time I show my own “life statement painting”. I made it a couple of years ago, right before I entered blog land. I had a need to express how I believe life should be lived (to myself and my family). Not only meaningful words, but words that we really live by.
    I painted the entire canvas purple and got to work. I started off in Swedish (translated): “Work hard, be kind & laugh”. I firmly believe that those three actions together, in harmony, is the basis for personal happiness. And that is how I try to approach life every day.
    On top of that I used a stencil and wrote another important message — this time in English (we speak both languages at home): “Wake up and make the world go around”. Go out and make a difference. Make life meaningful and you will make yourself meaningful.
    The painting did not feel done until I had incorporated the most important dates in my husbands and my lives. The date when we got married and the dates when our three children were born. Far from being a master piece, I have to say that it is very personal to me and it feels good looking at it when I wake up in the morning. We have several “nice” art pieces at our home but this one might be the first one that we hang whenever we move to a new place.
    6. This is my view from my bed.
    On one side are tall balcony windows. And next to them is this antique, French empire chest. It is a souvenir from my antique dealer days.
    7. My father’s desk lamp from the 50′ is placed on top of the empire chest.
    I loved him deeply and I wish he could have lived to meet my own beautiful family. I was 14 years old when he passed away.
    8. My husband, who is wonderful but not very romantic (!), once presented me with this calligraphy of our favorite song – the jazz tune “In A Sentimental Mood”.
    It is a forever piece that I hold very close to my heart. (The lecturn is Italian 1700-hundreds as was given to me as a birthday gift by my husband).
    9. I always keep fresh flowers and candles in my bedroom.

    10.  A home is only as important as the people in it.
    Same goes for our bedroom. My husband and I get constant visits from a child or a four legged friend. And that is by far what I like most about our master bedroom — the love that goes around.
    (This picture is framed on my blue chest).
    Thank you for having me here today, Jill! I had fun putting this together for you.
    Warm hugs to you and all your readers.
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