June 8, 2015

How exciting!! My bedding on ELLEN TV!

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Now this is fun!

I looove Ellen de Generes, and now I love her even more after catching my bedding in one of the Houzz makeovers on Ellen TV.  People with bedrooms in dire need of a makeover could e-mail in to the show and Houzz would send a designer to make it over. I’m thrilled that the designer selected the Jill Sorensen Lifestyle Grey Lucky bedding!!

You can view the video segment HERE.

Below are some screenshots from the show.

Screen shot 2015-06-08 at 11.05.43 PM

This was not a very happy bedroom!

Cue up a bit later and the couple have a new bedroom.

And look how excited they get to see their new bedroom reveal.

Screen shot 2015-06-08 at 11.07.03 PM

But not as excited I got to see my bedding on Ellen!

The bedroom looks great with the Jill Sorensen Lifestyle Grey Lucky bedding!!

Screen shot 2015-06-08 at 11.06.50 PM


Screen shot 2015-06-08 at 11.06.32 PM

And look at there faces here!

Thank You to my fab assistant Mehreen to make this happen!!


July 12, 2013

Ep4 Move.Like.You-Operation Destination!

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Will it work out or not?  We sure do plan on it!

Call me crazy, but the hunt is on for a DEPRESSING house far away from home.

Our house has not sold yet, nor have we even nailed down a place to rent in our new destination.  This is a stressful time in our lives but we’re aiming to make it a great memory and to try to have fun during the process (therefore this video diary!)

Thank You for all your comments and advice. WE LOVE AND APPRECIATE THEM MORE THAN YOU EVER IMAGINE!!
And thank You to talented young Luke for editing this piece.

If the video below does not show up in the e-mail version of the blog click on this link:

Move.Like.You – Operation Destination!

June 7, 2013

EPS. 3 – Move.Like.You – The Pod!

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We’re getting closer….

This has been a crazy busy time preparing our house for sale.  When you get ready to move, it’s amazing how much stuff you realize you have that you don’t really need?

How did that happen?

I’ve spent days organizing, clearing things out and fixing things that had been put off for a long time.  I’ve now turned in to the official stressed slob!

Stuff, just so much stuff…

Packing up – step one.

I was introduced to the pod! (if you get this post via e-mail and don’t see video click over to the blog)

episode # 3 – Move.Like.You.-The Pod!

There are a lot of nights lying awake wondering where this adventure will take us. But I’m also excited about change, new challenges and ideas.

If you have any great tips on moving or have moved I would LOVE to hear from you in the comment section. The last video comments were so incredibly uplifting and the tips very helpful. They are appreciated more than you think.

March 14, 2013

EPISODE # 2 Move.Like.You – One King's Lane

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I promised myself I would do video blogs, and when I see it I regret it because I realize how completely stressed out I am!!  So apologies for my outfit and for rushing through info but it seems with everything on my plate currently, it’s unavoidable.

At least I’m not in sweat pants!

Okay off the vanity stuff…I have an upcoming Tastemaker Sale on One King’s Lane where I will be selling a collection of item’s in my house as well as pieces I love. For two days our garage turned in to a photo studio as super talented photographer Erik Kvalsvik was sent out here to shoot. (Check out his site and books, such beautiful photographs.)

Next week we find out the missing information we need to know where we are moving…..I’ll explain more in the next video. Please keep your fingers crossed it will all work out!!

March 7, 2013

EPISODE # 1 – Move.Like.You

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The next few months will bring about a lot of change.

So we thought we would have some fun and share this in a video diary, instead of just stressing out about it. We want to document it and  hopefully what we learn can be helpful to other people.

Thought it would be a great way to to share laughs, troubles, good tips, sources, designs, ideas and  hopefully get some good advice from you!

More details next time…

If you are interested in following along I  will post about it on Instagram@jillhsorensen

And create new design idea boards on Pinterest.com/livelikeyou.


May 20, 2011

Design advice that could save your life.

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This first part is not what would save your life…but I would love it of you can come.

If you are located in DC or vicinity I wanted to let you know I’m going to be a guest speaker at an Apartment Therapy design evening in DC on June 15th at 7pm.  So any friends, bloggers, readers come on by! It would be great to meet in person, and hear from anyone or everyone reading this blog!

If you want to go, here is the link with info and where you RSVP.

Thank You to Denise Green for asking me!

THERE’S ANOTHER PROJECT BREWING IN NEW YORK…..one I had to make a quick improv tape for that I will dare to share…

Again Casey Collings came over (Thank You Casey!) and we filmed something quickly with the Flip Camera. Thought I would share the not so normal design advice with you….

Oh and by the way, why does YouTube FREEZE FRAME the video in your worst moment..?? YIKES!!

Hope you have a great weekend….and yes paint something!

May 4, 2011

The NATE show & some Favorite things

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A lot of people e-mailed me and said they missed my segment and house tour on The Nate show and wanted to see it, so I’m posting it here. (Cringe, cringe..)

The reality behind the scenes was this…I scurried, cleaned and organized the house which is still not finished (scanning shots don’t hide stuff!), my mother had just arrived from Sweden, Luke was having a meltdown over home work, my friend Casey Collings kindly came over (even though sick) to tape me, after a few takes the camera battery went dead, we were losing sun light, found Luke’s flip camera to quickly finish it with.  But despite all the drama the editors made the house look really cheerful!!

The segment at the actual show was cut in the very last seconds before going on due to overtime, so my visit on set was very brief!  So one thing I’m learning with these things is to…GO WITH THE FLOW!!!

Of course now that I have a store, I want to share some of the items I have in my house that I absolutely adore that we’re carrying on LiveLikeYou.


I wrote about this before. But I’ve been crazy about this one ever since I first saw it. I call it the Dorothy draper mirror. It’s HUGE 59″ tall and makes a big impression. My fireplace is tall so you can’t really see how big it is.

It hangs above the fire mantle in the living room that you see in the background in the beginning of the tape.

A couple of Marmalade Design pillows that add nice graphics in my library.


And my favorite BLACK & WHITE GREEK KEY PILLOW $ 198

You can see them in my library. They make an old Crate & Barrell couch and a simple slip covered chair pop. It was the least expensive way I could think of to add some interest to the room. It’s a whole different room without them!!

Then here’s another mirror I went nuts over that I’ve already posted about.


It hangs like a pretty jewel over my master bedroom fireplace. It really made me smile just opening the box!

In the bedroom I also have the Marmalade Design Pagoda Headboard.


Don’t have a professional image of this on site yet, but we will.

It’s in a really nice washable chenille/velvet with nickel nail heads. On the tape unfortunately it doesn’t look right because the couch at the end of the bed doesn’t match, waiting for new one, and bedside tables and lamps are also wrong!! Soon…soon….

The bedding is a line of graphic colorful hotel bedding I’m coming out with.

And last , but not least…

TURQUOISE FOO DOGS $ 118/PAIR that I’m kind of having a love affair with.

I want to put them in every room in the house because they look fantastic anywhere!

Here’s the pretty boy on my foyer table. You can see it in the end of the video when I say goodbye.

Anyway – I will keep improving until I can share all the complete after pictures! Hope you’re having a great week!

January 27, 2010

Surviving buying a kitchen at IKEA

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Have you ever purchased a kitchen at IKEA?

I was in New York last weekend and dropped in on my dear friend and former room mate Herve to check out the cool studio he just purchased in the Village.  He’s a top stylist in the New York fashion world, always creating beauty, so it was no surprise his place looked amazing.  It was color coordinated, in red, white, silver and gray, with a smashing IKEA kitchen to match.   Admiring the chic kitchen it’s easy to forget the  11(!)  hours he spent at IKEA in Brooklyn suffering a meltdown!

I’ve been meaning to buy a small kitchen for my summer house, but feel completely overwhelmed as soon as I enter the Swedish maze. I start panicking, ditch my plan, head for the meatballs, then buy something I don’t need on my way out.  So I’m always  impressed when someone has conquered the quest!

Since Herve is not only an experienced IKEA shopper, he was also the head judge on “Scandinavia’s next Top Model”, I was curious to see how he would rate his experience.  So equipped with my new addiction, a flip camera , I asked Herve to take me through it.

Well, I’m sure I’ll get around to buying a kitchen one day…Maybe after I’ve signed up for a graphic design course and found a good therapist.

But let’s face it the end result is great!   Here are some snapshots I took of Herve’s cool place. What do you think?

Pretty cool, huh?



Herve in front of the sleek Ikea kitchen, above and below.

L1050111 L1050116

L1050130 L1050117


A David Bowie drawing.