January 24, 2018

BEFORE/AFTER – Our Powder room

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When we bought our Spanish ranch rambler in the hills above LA it had not been renovated since it was built in 1967.

The house was a mysterious blend of mid century and Spanish and had 60’s wallpaper and old carpeting still intact. It had retro accents and a cool vibe but was screaming for a major makeover.

The first room I tackled was our living room powder room.

It looked like this when we moved in.

I set forth to infuse it with a retro Palm Springs look.

Since we had just moved from the east coast to a warm climate all things tropical really spoke to me.

The powder room re imagined in my Palm Springs, Spanish, Art deco tropical vibe turned out like this.

I added a tropical wallpaper Cole & Sons Palm leaves.

I wanted tropical leaves everywhere!

I switched out the faucets for Kohler purist faucet  and added an Art Deco style mirror.

I re tiled the floor with a pretty Spanish Cement tile

Painted the cabinet a high gloss color and added modern door pulls.

The inside of the cabinet I painted black.

I selected a modern pendant with gold finish inside.

Added two mid century inspired 60’s glam wall sconces to stay true to the era of the house.

I kept the marble counter top and refinished the sink.

The new floor made the room.

This is the Cement tile we used.

The sink was an ugly yellow….

But since I love to reuse and I wanted to keep the marble top I decided to stain it.

After we had it refinished it looked like this..

…it turned out better than I had hoped.

I love the vibrant gold color on the Kohler purist faucet .The finish is vibrant matte gold.

I used these faucets in most of the house.

This angular pendant was the last piece of the puzzle..

My favorite design style is Art Deco so adding an Art deco style mirror felt right.

Here is a full mood board with colors with links to where you can buy  products I used if you are inspired to steal the steal the look!

Cement tile

Cole & Son Palm leaves

Norton sconce

Perth Mirror

Kohler purist faucet

Enzo Black Pendant



November 15, 2017

The REVEAL!! One Room Challenge # week 7

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The library is done. Down to the wire like always!

Swedish photographer Anna Maria (Instagram @annamariafotograf) came here at the last minute to shoot so we could include the artwork from our charity which just arrived the night before and was the perfect missing piece for the room.

If you are new to this blog… WELCOME!

I’m Jill Sorensen (Instagram @jillsorensen) a Swedish interior designer living in LA. I have a lifestyle label JILL SORENSEN LIFESTYLE offering modern bedding and home decor (Instagram@jillsorensenlifestyle).

The room I tackled was the additional room created in the living room when we renovated a few years back. While we’ve been waiting for some building permits it turned in to a temporary work space and could not have been more depressing.  I wanted to turn it  into a fun, colorful library/guest bedroom that was not boring.

You can see the before HERE.

Here was the design plan (which changed a bit..)

Here is the room today…


Torch floor lamp from Article.

Lanna sheepskin throw in Ivory from Article

Horse lamp and side table from the Mine.

Chic distressed Rug

Uttermost Janina table from Bellacor.

Faux animal head from The Mine.

All animal heads and horns are not real.

 Artwork by Events by Andre Wells for Knock Out Abuse Against Women (a charity my friend and I started years ago to help victims of domestic violence.) I just had to have it in the room to stand in solidarity with all the brave women in this #metoo wave sweeping the western world at the moment.

On instagram @knockoutabuse  and just launching in LA @knockoutabusewest

This marble fireplace is from the 60’s and was originally in the living room but with the addition of this extra room it’s the library.  We just got it to work this week.

The mirror along with many other items in the room have been used in previous homes I’ve lived in. Before using anything new I always like to reuse items to see f they can fit in to any new design ideas and therefore get a new life.

Twig stools from Hayneedle.

Faux plants from The Mine.

Uttermost Janina table from Bellacor.

Leap table lamp in Black from Article

Article has really chic and well priced mid century items which were all perfect for the room.

Super chic fabric from @Stroheimfabrics.

And this is how to turn the library in to a cozy guest bedroom….

Our adorable custom made sleeper sofa in yellow with black buttons turns in to a comfortable bed in a flash!

Here is is with my new bedding design VICTORY in black.


This little room becomes a fun little bedroom.

Silken Solid Sheet Set from Annie Selke in pale blue adds just the right hue and glam touch.

Faux Animal heads from Hayneedle and The Mine.

I’m super excited about this bedding, we’re just finalizing what colors to stock it in. It looks so great in every color!

And last a quick look where it came from.

Originally we added the extra room two years ago..

It became a temporary work space while we waited for building permits and it got worse by the day!

It looked like this six weeks ago.

Check out all the fun makeovers by the rest of the group!

Thanks for visiting!

November 8, 2017

ORC Week # 6 – an intense emotional week

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It’s been an intense week since the last One Room Challenge update.

I was in NYC to visit the 911 memorial, something I’ve been wanting to do since staring right at Tower Two falling down that fearful day in Manhattan. Then the last day there again another horrible terror attack took place just a few blocks away.

We continued to DC for the 24th annual gala for KNOCK OUT ABUSE the charity I co-founded 24 years ago to help victims of domestic violence.

Two days later one of the worst mass murders take place by a man with a domestic violence record. Something that had been the very topic of our event —the importance of getting guns out of the hands of men with a domestic violence assault record.

The 2017 event chairwomen made these awesome surprise posters for my co-founder Cheryl and me.  I had no idea when we started this (in my twenties) that it would be such a big success year after year! To share this year with my son Luke, now 16, made it even more special.

The event brings me finally to my update for ORC!!

The table tops for the gala were made by Andre Wells Events and I’m hoping we can make this art in to the perfect poster for my library on time!

I love it!

With the overwhelming amount of #metoo stories shared in the media and by so many of my friends I really want this on my wall in solidarity with all my “sisters” out there.

I spent ten years as a fashion model in NYC where dealing sexual harassment was almost part of the job.

I’m playing around with the animal theme, trying to figure out the wall decor.

Gold deer head from HAYNEEDLE.

FAUX fur pillow from Bed Bath and Beyond.

Sheepskin hide from ARTICLE.

I’m working in some natural elements.

LOVE this little side table from THE MINE.

I’m back in LA now and have to scramble to finish the space as next Wednesday is the reveal!

Fall is in the air even here and it’s nice to be able to wear a sweater….

…and enjoy the beautiful sunset over the Pacific.

Hope you had a good week!



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November 1, 2017

Week # 5 – Going all out

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There were some hick ups this week…

The black Platner chairs we had purchased that were going to be the main accent pieces in the library, turns out will not show up. The manufacturer had been mistaken about the inventory and there are no more chairs available until after our dead line.

That changed the vibe and color scheme and I had to rethink the room.

I decided to paint even the big side wall above the fireplace red and add moldings.

I might add that everyone told me not to do so, the red would overpower and shrink the room.

Everyone expect Sury my office manager disagreed with me, so we decided to go for it. I love it when ideas get resistance…

Samuel and his dad Jose came in again to help out. We created rectangular shapes to go along with existing items in the room and to focus around the fireplace. I decided to keep it simple in case the whole thing like everyone said would be mistake.

While the molding went up, sisters Minnie and Manu came to hang the custom roman shade.

The houndstooth Parrota Domino fabric from Fabricut looks chic and retro.

When they were finished painting I was surprised to see the room felt bigger.

Then again I know that it’s always better to go big in a small room instead of being afraid.

Jose is not too sure about my crazy color choices but I think he felt okay in the end.

The carpets arrived and super cool twig stools…

Can’t wait to add in these beauties from Hayneedle. 

The custom pullout bed sofa also arrived from Monarch Sofas.  They turned it around in no time – so awesome!

I’m really obsessing over the faux plastic and resin animal horns from The Mine. 

Can’t wait to finish this room!


October 25, 2017

Week # 4 ORC – Adding value to the house

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I was so happy to get the e-mail from Linda at The One Room Challenge today that let us know that for the first time in ORC history we have ONE extra week to get the rooms done. Due to so many natural disasters some participants in some states have endured unusual circumstances so the extra week helps. The new reveal date is now Wednesday November 15th.

I’m not delayed due to any natural disasters, nor is it the pressing 100 degree heat here in LA – I’m just delayed period! Hardly anything has arrived yet and the main chairs for the room we just found out won’t arrive on time.

The room however is a fun red and one of the carpets arrived.

This week I headed out to Superior Moulding in the valley to pick out moulding that I will add to the dry wall to make it look like wood paneling.

There were a million selections to pick from.

I settled on a simple shape.

I wanted to do the entire wall above the fireplace, but felt a little worried about overpowering the room with all that red.

So I decided to start with just the side wall.

Jose and Samuel arrived again to apply it.

We created simple rectangle shapes to make the built in closets look like wood paneling.

Then added semi gloss paint.  Love the result! It looks like paneling.

In fact I like it so much that I bought more molding today to do the long side wall over the fireplace as well.  It’s perhaps risky with all that red, but I’m happy to take the risk. If it works out the room will look like a wood paneled library and improve the overall vibe of the house.

Some of the amazing wood animal heads and faux animal horns have arrived from some of our generous sponsors and I’m in love with them.

Beautiful gazelle head with gold horns.

And a set of white FAUX skulls and horns from the The Mine.  They are made of  some kind of plastic but look real.   I can enjoy the beauty without any animals being harmed.

That’s about as far as we’ve come.

You can see why I’m relieved to have an extra week!



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October 18, 2017

Picking paint colors – Week # 3 ORC

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This week we had to paint.

The house sits on a ledge high up a mountain side with the sun glaring in from three sides but with a steep hill behind the house. The front terrace pool bounces a weird blue light in to the house so it’s by far the most difficult house I’ve ever picked paint colors for.

It makes it even more difficult that I’ve decided on red.

I narrowed it down to two reds. To the left is RED PARROT by Benjamin Moore and to the right GERANIUM.

Two orange toned red colors.

RED PARROT won out.

I have to say I was surprised that I actually liked it.

The orange tone in the red seemed to make the green outside the window come alive.

After feeling pretty happy with the red hue, another complicated color had to be selected….

The pale blue.  A color that shifts completely depending on what spot in the room you put it.

This house if completely impossible!

We had to mix colors and pick many more samples than I normally do.

We are planning on adding moldings on one wall and painting it red to make it look like paneling.

 The decision on what wall will have to wait!

I’m sure the rest of the participants have come much further!

You can follow along on


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October 11, 2017

Colorful Design plan for the library – Week # 2 ORC

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I’m really excited to get this library done.
I was all set to go with a soothing green library and loved this green, orange and pink scheme below.

I’m really excited to get this library done.
I was all set to go with a soothing green library and loved this green, orange and pink scheme below.
…I changed my mind.
From the library window you look out at these beautiful hibiscus flowers by the pool.
That shrill red and light blue retro color scheme idea would just not go away.

The color of the red hibiscus is irresistible.
The color I normally hate.

I matched it up with actual paint colors.
Between looking at the hibiscus and the graphic wall paper in my bathroom last night, I decided I needed to give red a try.
The vibe feels more interesting and right for the house.
If I hate it – we’ll just have to repaint.


I want lots of natural woods.

Loads of wood animal accessories.

Mid century items.
Bold yellow bed sofa.
Tweed and hounds-tooth fabric.
Faux fur.

Here are some of the fabrics and textures I’m considering.
Not the typical eye candy just a certain vibe.
I’m also considering the possibility of a stronger carpet.

I want it to be a 50’s retro but modern library.

The sofa will be a convertible bed for guests.
For the bedding I’ll be able to break in my new Victory bedding.

Or the Fern & Lemon Takes Two bed set.

Black Victory Euro sham, Fern and Lemon Takes Two Euro shams, Hot Pink and Orange Takes Two Euro sham.
Tomorrow they are coming to paint.

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You can follow my design firm on JILLSORENSENLIFESTYLE@INSTAGRAM.COM



October 4, 2017

One Room Challenge Makeover – WEEK 1

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If you are here for the first time – Welcome!

It’s time again for the One Room Challenge the fun six week makeover craze. Huge thank you to Linda of Calling it Home for inviting me again!

For those of you new to my blog, I’m Jill Sorensen a Swedish/American interior designer with a lifestyle brand of  bedding, rugs, and textiles. I love fun, colorful and somewhat fearless designs because I think life is too short for boring interiors.  My son and I moved to Los Angeles a couple of years ago. My goal was to buy an ugly house (we did!) and turn it in to our dream home (still working on it!)

This is my fourth time joining ORC, last year I made over the Master suite….

This is the bathroom.

The bedroom.

You can see the 2016 ORC reveal here

The year before that for the ORC 2015 I made over the kitchen.

When we started we didn’t even have a floor!! My ORC makeovers tend to be filled with drama…

You can see the Kitchen ORC 2015 reveal here.

This year again I’ll be tackling another room in our 60’s ranch house in the mountains above LA.

We are currently renovating the garage turning it in to a guest house with an office and a big teen space so things are a bit of a mess around here.  This year for ORC I’m tackling another room in desperate need to be designed.

THE ROOM – The new Library/Guest Bedroom

It didn’t exist the day we bought the house….

The living room was very large and creating a room on the end allowed us to center the glass doors on the pool while giving us an extra room.

Since the guest house renovations got delayed due to permits the library never became a library/guest instead we temporarily have had to operate my office in there and it’s been TOUGH!

Sury the JS Inc.office manager has hunkered in this unfinished depressing temporary space with sometimes 3-4 people, two dogs and all kinds of stored items.

I’m super excited about making it in to a colorful library/guest room and thrilled to move my company in to a big new space.


Since this is one of the few rooms in this open style living house that completely closes off, I’m going to have some fun with it.

Here is some random inspiration…

1950’s and Retro color combinations

This is an unopened restaurant in NYC by designed by Sasha Bikoff that I get such a kick out of.

Images via Elle Decor.

I’ve been obsessing over 50’s color combinations and powder blue and red.

Design by Miles Redd.

ANIMALS and Old School libraries

I won’t have real animal heads on the walls but I want lots of animal presence.

Design by Ken Fulk

(image source unknown)

Image via Architectural Digest.

SHRILL RED – used to hate it but now intrigued

Image from KINA SLOTTET in Sweden.

Design by Dorothy Draper (and team)


I’m just so in love with this green hue which is my first dilemma. I have to decide what color to do as I can’t have both.

Design by Muriel Brandolini

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You can follow my design firm on JILLSORENSENLIFESTYLE@INSTAGRAM.COM

You can also follow me on JILLSORENSEN@INSTAGRAM.COM.

Check back next week and I’ll share a design plan.

Thanks for stopping by!

August 2, 2017

Our guest house renovation – almost there!

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In May we started the final part of our house renovations and it was to turn the garage in to a teen room/guest house as well as a big downstairs office for my company. It went wickedly fast at first. If I just went off to a short meeting I would return to a completely different building. Lately we’ve had to wait for some structural approvals and permits that has slowed us down a few weeks but I want to show you the progress here.

I did a post on Day 1 and Day 2 .

I think last time I blogged about it this was the stage it was at….

They had removed the entire front, and even more to due to some old termite damage. They started digging the foundation which took almost an entire week because hillside properties need extra deep foundations.

A few days later it looked like this…

I just went First floor was up.

Every minute it felt like another room showed up.

It was so much fun to see this long awaited plan become reality.

It was incredible to walk upstairs and see the space. This is Luke’s room and terrace. The pictures don’t do it justice as the view is of a huge mountain range.  We removed three old shaggy looking trees but kept one to shield a roof top below we don’t want to see.

Our house is full of teenage boys most days of the week and the open floor plan living in the main house I’ve learned can make that a pretty loud experience.  To be able to harness all the teen boy energy up here will change the house.

The framing here is for the closet and the bathroom. Along this wall there will be a small kitchenette.

This faces the courtyard. There are three windows looking in to it.

Coming up from our driveway it started peeking out from behind the trees.

Top floor framing getting done.

Roof went up.

Plywood walls.

This is what it looked like yesterday…

All the old tile that used to be on the garage is now back on the roof so it can match the house.

This will be the new office. Double glass doors out with a deck and a big window all over looking the view. Right now we are sometimes up to four people working in a small temporary office so it will be really nice to get organized and move out here.


If you want daily updates you can follow my company on JILLSORENSENLIFESTYLE@INSTAGRAM.COM



July 10, 2017

Our new simple Scandinavian country kitchen

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Hope you are enjoying your summer.

We arrived in Sweden this week to an almost finished house I couldn’t be happier. Living in two houses that are being renovated while renovating and designing for others can put you over the edge!  You might remember the water damage disaster that ruined our country house.

Furniture sources here in the country side are sparse and contractors work on their own schedule (which drives me crazy!) so you have to go with the flow. As far as interiors you don’t strive for perfection, just simplicity and functionality.  Honestly when you are in the business of always trying to make things perfect – imperfection is actually refreshing.

The kitchen is almost done. The walls are now a bold yellow. I love super strong more modern tones of colors as a backdrop to old things.

All the old furniture pieces stayed.

The sofa is an old Swedish bed sofa that people in the 1800’s used for guests and often it was the place where farmhands and maids slept in the country houses.

The fur pillows, pendant and vase are from Ikea. The flowers are handpicked. The pillows are the Sunshine Embroidered Monogram designs from my line Jill Sorensen Lifestyle.

The strong yellow color is the perfect antidote to the moody blue skies outside.

The cool air and the sunny inside is a fun contrast.

The chairs are antiques, and the table we found in the barn and painted it white.

As I said…around here simplicity goes.

I love checked Swedish floors so I decided to make it easy and install a vinyl floor from Tarkett.

In case you missed it this is what our kitchen looked like last summer….

As you can see a big improvement!

We have a floor.

The counter top is temporarily just resting as Ikea sent the wrong depth. Ikea birch counters are my favorite.

Love the Ikea pendant – basic but cool.

I headed over to my favorite local store….my recycle obsessed brother’s Återbruket in Karlstad.

There you can buy people’s discarded furniture and landfill dropoffs. Aterbruket repairs everything then resells it. In a country who values nature above anything and recycles 99% of their trash it’s popular.  If you are local you should pay it a visit. Saturdays they serve fresh baked bread and coffee and I promise you it’s the perfect treasure hunt.

It’s mostly tech and lighting but I always manage to find some furnishing items I like.

This yellow vase was someone’s trash….

Not sure what this can be called…Landfill chic?

The carpet it my Monogram cotton carpet in Sky Blue from Jill Sorensen Lifestyle.

The older I get recycling and caring for the earth becomes more and more important.

Someones trash can be your treasure.

Do you by recycled stuff?

In our attic I found this cool old Swedish print and framed it.

The kitchen is now a fun place to hang and I was happy to have my cousins Susanne and Hans here from Denmark to enjoy it.

Bottom line is, don’t take decorating your place to seriously.

How important is buying vintage to you?  Do you have any good steals you want to share?