May 24, 2017

Renovation Mayhem and our house in Swedish news

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While the front of the house looks like a complete war zone the back of the house is a different story. The Swedish newspaper Dagens Industri was here to do a story on me and my house.

Swedish photographer Anna Maria Zuellert caught this photo of the backyard….

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 9.33.04 PM

…which is the opening of the article.

If you happen to read Swedish you can catch some of my life story and long accidental road to the design business here.

Its funny how life takes twist and turns and where it leads you can be many surprising places.

Now while most of the back yard is done (not all of it)  the front of the house is a different story.

This happened in a matter of just a few days- the disappearing garage.



I got home the next day and this was it??

Later DAY 3



Termite damage was found on the back wall….even more needed to be removed.



Where the heck did the garage go?


Total mayhem.  It’s looks like a bomb hit the front yard!

DAY  6

Digging 5′ holes for footers. We live in the mountains and on a hill so everything needs extra steel.


Kurt Gibbs the friend/architect I wrangled to help me with this project takes a look at some last minute solutions.  The view everywhere is so amazing, we almost don’t want to have any walls!

This below is the setting of my future office.


This door and deck will be widened so the new office space will have a great view and a big deck.


Things have been on hold for a few days to get an updated structural engineering plan but got started back up today.

Really looking forward to having this magical spot to work!


June 8, 2015

How exciting!! My bedding on ELLEN TV!

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Now this is fun!

I looove Ellen de Generes, and now I love her even more after catching my bedding in one of the Houzz makeovers on Ellen TV.  People with bedrooms in dire need of a makeover could e-mail in to the show and Houzz would send a designer to make it over. I’m thrilled that the designer selected the Jill Sorensen Lifestyle Grey Lucky bedding!!

You can view the video segment HERE.

Below are some screenshots from the show.

Screen shot 2015-06-08 at 11.05.43 PM

This was not a very happy bedroom!

Cue up a bit later and the couple have a new bedroom.

And look how excited they get to see their new bedroom reveal.

Screen shot 2015-06-08 at 11.07.03 PM

But not as excited I got to see my bedding on Ellen!

The bedroom looks great with the Jill Sorensen Lifestyle Grey Lucky bedding!!

Screen shot 2015-06-08 at 11.06.50 PM


Screen shot 2015-06-08 at 11.06.32 PM

And look at there faces here!

Thank You to my fab assistant Mehreen to make this happen!!


February 2, 2015

My new blog for a Swedish design magazine!

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Calling all Swedes!  I have some exciting news.

Today I started a daily design blog for the Swedish design magazine Sköna Hem. I thought it would be really fun to share my renovation diary and all cool things design here in LA with Sweden, and I’m thrilled that my favorite design magazine back home felt the same!

There’s a catch… it’s in Swedish. But just in case you read Swedish, are Swedish or you have Swedish friends…please share the link with them!

Screen shot 2015-02-01 at 9.15.00 PM

Some of you bloggers and designers might be familiar with the magazine.

Even if you can’t read it, the interiors are always really beautiful.


They posted an interview here.

Screen shot 2015-02-02 at 6.57.24 PM

I’m excited after so many years living in the states to connect up with Sweden with design.

I’ll still be blogging here. Hope to see you Thursday, I’ll share the latest house update!


April 10, 2014


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If you are looking for some great inspirational reading this weekend pick up Susanna Salk’s new book  Decorate Fearlessly.  For all you “maximalists” out there every page is like a present. Whether you are a Tony Duquette fan, a Dorothy Draper addict, color lover, or simply have a love for the adventurous you will love it.   It’s filled with deeply personal spaces. Susanna’s quote in the beginning of the book might be my favorite.

A young designer asked her what made her select a room for the book? Her answer was:  “More than certain characteristics, it’s more like an indescribable feeling , like your heart is engaged in a tango with a delightful stranger, like you have the sudden urge to pick up the phone and call your best friend,  like how the thought of leaving fills you with sadness, as though a great novel ending”.  She finally said I suppose it comes down to these three words “Wow. Huh! Yum.”

And she couldn’t be more right. It’s all about how a space makes you feel. IMG_7798

The cover alone says it all.

photo 2(7)

You can spend hours looking at some of these interiors. And I love all the color!

And of course the coolest thing of all, for me…

photo 2(9)

…is being part of it. Thrilled to have my foyer included with some of my favorite designers!

After reading the book, and looking at this picture. Had I not know we were moving and it had to stay somewhat streamlined,  I would have torn out the stone floor, installed wood then painted it in some crazy pattern in the boldest colors I would have found.

Have  a great weekend!


August 23, 2013

My Design Q & A in Coastal Living!

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Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!  Just wanted to quickly share this article…

Since Luke and I still feel like we’re out here in LA on vacation, it was a surreal feeling when I picked up the latest issue of Coastal Living and read “California designer Jill Sorensen…” in Santa Monica.

What perfect timing and welcome!

I’m not sure what your design reads are, but Coastal Living is one of my personal favorites. You can pick up the September issue of the magazine or read some of my design tips and (pet peeves)  here.

Coastal Living.

There is a big bedding and carpet sale going on on LiveLikeYou so in case you need some you might not want to miss it.

June 21, 2013

Catch it if you can

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Happy Friday!

In case you are local, pick up an issue of Arlington Magazine. Some cool screened in porches in the summer issue.  Even though half packed up, we styled our porch for the shoot.

Arlington Magazine

And don’t miss the LAST TWO DAYS OF THE BEDDING SALE this weekend!

Have a great weekend!

May 30, 2013

In line at the supermarket?

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In case you’re stuck in line at Safeway this weekend — grab this magazine.

A lot of my home makeovers are in it.

Seeing the “before” pictures reminds me how dull and depressing our home looked.  It really reminds me how much I love living with color.

Here are a few pages in case you miss the real thing…

Better Homes and Garden’s new publication.

Yes my living room looked like that. Hard to believe! In case you read the text, no, I never had a corporate job (but I probably would have  quit it.) . But the colorful makeover was started to cheer Luke up when his dad got brain cancer.

So glad we did it.

Some living room “before pics”

The funny thing is Dan and Luke fought me all the way, asking me not to change the house.

Only to 100% agree with me now!

Luke’s chair was put in the hallway for shoot.

Omar you made the magazine spread!!!

The advice above I stand by fully. It’s an absolute MUST to start there when attempting to do you house.

Thank You to Better Homes and Garden, writer Jennifer for sharing my tips in such a fun way, and lovely Bonnie and Gordon.

Oh, and my name is Sorensen with an “e”! Oh well.

October 27, 2012

Thank You Benjamin Moore!

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I wanted to share a fun article on LiveLikeYou and my design firm in the new issue of Benjamin Moore’s online magazine Nuance. I’m a big fan of Benjamin Moore paints, and color plays a big part in my life, so it was really fun to be profiled and answer some really great design questions. I think most people have NO IDEA how much color really affects their lives, and how it can even change your life.  Life is seriously  too short for white walls!

I’ve included some screen shots but  YOU CAN READ THE WHOLE INTERVIEW HERE.

Hope you’re having a good weekend! And if you are on the US east coast I hope you will avoid hurricane Sandy!!

September 27, 2012

This is really exciting!!

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Alright completely lame blog title.

But this IS exciting, so I have to share it.

Yesterday while I was busy with my new pet project (which is something I’ll share further down this post) I got an Iphone text from Danielle at Fresh Quince.


She had picked up Bedrooms & Baths at the grocery store and my pink guest bedroom was on the cover of it!

COOL! Of course with the word COLOR somewhere.

I googled it and was able to find this cover but have yet to read inside. Have you read it?

Okay can’t wait to read this issue!!

Second exciting news.
My first cotton dhurrie design is available as of today on the site.

SO SORRY BUT NO PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY HAS BEEN DONE YET. But I wanted to make them available for sale ahead of it. They will be shot in some really fun interiors in the next couple of months.

Here is the YELLOW MARK tested out with my piano stool.

And last but not least….

…doing something that has been a long time coming.

Here is a hint…

Yeah I know….really hard to tell what we’re working on.

But stay tuned….I hope it turns out really well.

July 23, 2012

Behind the scenes!

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When a magazine shoot takes place at your house, particularly a national magazine shoot, you might think the place is just photographed just like it is. Well it’s not exactly so…

It kind of feels like moving day…as items are switched out and moved around.

Here is a little behind the scenes in the living room.

This pretty and talented lady, field editor Bonnie Broten zooms about the house and makes all kinds of beautiful floral arrangements.

Yes no wonder she’s blurry, because she is always moving!

And another kind, fun and talented person, “elusive” photographer Gordon Beall made sure every frame was beautiful.

Yes, that’s him behind the gladiolas.

While I’m sitting with my laptop in the library- there is action in the foyer…

Luke is getting briefed about his modeling stint…

(That’s Erica Ericsdotter’s gorgeous Lily painting in the background.)

And I needed to get in to the action too…Gordon does these cool effects where humans are blurred out in the image showing action.

To make me blurry, as a special effect, I had to move in slow-motion. Something I wasn’t very good at. Couldn’t stop laughing. Don’t they know I get a double chin when I look down??? Please!

Sure Gordon was glad his specialty is interiors, not old ex-models.

Lily my fantastic assistant checked in here and there. Here she is with Gogo, Gordon’s great photographer’s assistant.

Don’t you love it when talented do their thing? And are super nice and fun too?

These people don’t miss a beat, real pros!

Bubba however was a bit disoriented…

…behind the scenes. His star turn never came, he was just moving too fast!

Oh, well what’s a tiny dog to do?

It’s all very exciting, will share what and when closer to the date! Thanks to Bonnie and Gordon, and Gogo.