October 11, 2017

Colorful Design plan for the library – Week # 2 ORC

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I’m really excited to get this library done.
I was all set to go with a soothing green library and loved this green, orange and pink scheme below.

I’m really excited to get this library done.
I was all set to go with a soothing green library and loved this green, orange and pink scheme below.
…I changed my mind.
From the library window you look out at these beautiful hibiscus flowers by the pool.
That shrill red and light blue retro color scheme idea would just not go away.

The color of the red hibiscus is irresistible.
The color I normally hate.

I matched it up with actual paint colors.
Between looking at the hibiscus and the graphic wall paper in my bathroom last night, I decided I needed to give red a try.
The vibe feels more interesting and right for the house.
If I hate it – we’ll just have to repaint.


I want lots of natural woods.

Loads of wood animal accessories.

Mid century items.
Bold yellow bed sofa.
Tweed and hounds-tooth fabric.
Faux fur.

Here are some of the fabrics and textures I’m considering.
Not the typical eye candy just a certain vibe.
I’m also considering the possibility of a stronger carpet.

I want it to be a 50’s retro but modern library.

The sofa will be a convertible bed for guests.
For the bedding I’ll be able to break in my new Victory bedding.

Or the Fern & Lemon Takes Two bed set.

Black Victory Euro sham, Fern and Lemon Takes Two Euro shams, Hot Pink and Orange Takes Two Euro sham.
Tomorrow they are coming to paint.

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You can follow my design firm on JILLSORENSENLIFESTYLE@INSTAGRAM.COM



September 9, 2017

Dreamy inspiration for my new office

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The home renovations here have been at a standstill for a few weeks due to various issues. It’s thankfully finally back on and the house is waiting for stucco. However after all this wait (two years all in all!) I can’t imagine what it will be like working in an office now with loads of space AND an outdoor room.

The decision to work from home a few years back has been both positive and negative. Being a single parent it’s been easier because I’ve been able to spend more time at home, but having an office at home has also given us a lack of privacy since my business life has blended so much with my personal life.

Thankfully I’ve been lucky to work with a great group of (mostly women) and probably they as much as me will feel relived!  No more crowded unorganized spaces!  Building this addition gives us an entire floor of the guest house, separate yet connected to my home.

Okay so this is where it’s at today. A mess but windows are in….

This will be the main office area.

There will also be a storage area and a private studio.

Lately I’ve been missing Sweden way to much and feel the need to bring part of Sweden to my work space. I also want the space to be very feminine.

Here are some my inspiration pictures. I always start with the color combination in mind…

Love yellow and white.

I want a country feeling while still modern.

The color combination and the relaxed vibe feels right.

Design by Claire Brody.

Loads of plants and terracotta with floors and ceiling painted white.

This dreamy home office by LA designer Sarah Samuel Sherman is perfection.

Interiors here and above: Sarah Sherman Samuel

I want to incorporate lots of light/blonde Swedish wood colors.

Love these three colors together in an image from Valspar.



I want to continue the Art Deco vibe I started in the rest of the house just in pink, yellow, black,white and wood.

And…I won’t be able to resist a little Pippi Longstocking vibe.

Image via ELLE UK

Then of course there is the outdoor space I need to start thinking of…

Design by Kelly Wearstler

Hmm…lots to think about.


August 25, 2017

Color loving client – sneak peek from install day

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Sharing a sneak peek from an install day of a colorful design project on the east coast.

I love color (surprise!) and when a client can’t get enough of strong colors and patterns I’m more than eager to please. I’ll share this project as soon as we get it photographed in the meanwhile I can’t resist sharing some glimpses from some of the design details.

It’s amazing how happy a space can become with color and pattern.

In the dining room we reupholstered the clients existing dining room chairs for use in the new house.

We had custom painted chinoserie silk wallpaper done for the dining room walls. Black and white marble in the foyer.

In the foyer bathroom we customized a reclaimed wood piece for the bath cabinet and used a really fun wallpaper and an ornate gold mirror to accompany it.

Love this room!

The clients loves color in the ceilings, so a lot of rooms have fun surprises.

The kitchen hood rocks.

Cambria stone walls, counters and back splashes are in the kitchen.

In a kid’s room we went all out with pinks and corals for a Guatemalan girl’s room theme.

Here is a pic from setting it up, love this wall color!

Peek of laundry room wallpaper.

Design detail from the movie theater bathroom.

My favorite space might be the rust colored mud room with plaid cushions.

Ready for flight back to LA – exhausted!

PS. If you live on the east coast and want to work with us we have an e-design program so reach out contact@jillsorensen.com if you want to know more as it’s not on our website yet. For a full service design I take on a very limited set of clients across the country so I’m really excited about the E-design.

May 13, 2017

Progress pictures from a big design project

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When you create interiors you its all in your mind. Of course nothing is more fun than seeing your mood boards and designs come to life. The huge project we’ve been working on from scratch and designing in Virginia is coming closer to the install date. Yesterday I received a bunch of snap shots from the project.

LOVE the progress!!

The kids rooms are theme rooms.  This is the boy’s room with a reclaimed wood ceiling and a cool blue and gold paint scheme for a Russian knights room.


The room will have rich reds and crest pillows and all kinds of things Russian knight for the two boys.

Wish I could show you more…


The daughter’s room is south American and is dark coral and peachy pale coral with a bright green bathroom.


Its going to have black iron details and these fun fabrics. I love doing fun kids rooms.

What girl doesn’t love pink?

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 3.05.01 PM

One of the guest rooms got an intense color scheme, and it will make a lot of sense once all is in.


Cool blue bathroom with cement tile.

Navy walls, blue bathroom and yellow ceiling.


Yes the clients who come to me want something unusual and love color!

My instructions are commonly “not boring”. I’m of course always happy to please.


Love the shocking combination of navy and yellow because what’s coming next will make it very cool.

The master bath is looking chic.

All Cambria stone tops and gold faucets.


It’s fun to see mood board to reality.

For each room I give clients two-three mood boards to really see the design.  This one gives an overview.

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 3.07.30 PM

Can’t wait ti see this room.

I already see the vibe in this pretty shower!

All marble with gold details.


The beautiful stone fireplaces have been installed as well in many of the rooms and wood beams are in waiting to be stained.


Master bedroom fireplace.


And one of my favorite rooms… the dark blue library that will have loads of great color in in.

Can’t wait.


If you are interested in creating something special we are taking on a few E-design clients over the summer. You can e-mail us at contact@jillsorensen.com we’ll send you info on our E-Design service.

See you next week!


February 24, 2017

Update on a huge design project

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We’re finally coming to the the home stretch on a huge project on the east coast.

We’ve worked on the building and design of large property in Virginia.  Initially I didn’t think I could take on the big job considering the location. Somehow it’s working out with intermittent trips and yes Facetime! We’ve been working on it for about a year now and after a standstill for a few months it’s moving fast ahead with a new builder.  It was really exciting to see the house take shape on my trip there last week.

The family LOVES color and wants a comfortable family friendly interior that really represents who they are and I could not be more eager to please!

Foyer staircase is shaping up…


Here are some elements going on in Foyer Powder room…


We are using Cambria Stone for all the stone tops. I haven’t used them before but their “made” stone counter tops and beautiful.

The family room is shaping up. It will have wood beams and a big kitchen island.


Here are some of the materials for the home office for the mom.

Hello fun color!

2016-09-17 13.52.09

They love animals so we were thrilled to score these lion pedestals to turn in to a fireplace mantle for the home office.



The basement will be a mash of greens and yellows and have loads of reclaimed wood. These are some of the elements going in. I think the downstairs will be a favorite hang out area.


One of the kids rooms has a Guatemalan theme.

A dream pre teen girl’s room with pink, green and coral. This is the bathroom so far.


The boy’s room has a old folklore Russian theme.


I’m so glad we decided to go with fun cement tiles on some shower walls.

I’m a big believer in making kids rooms playful where their imagination can run wild.

FullSizeRender(5) copy

There is an in house media studio as well in red, white & blue with Quadrilles Independence toile.


Master shower is marble with gold and grey veins.


The library will be a high gloss blue with some of this going on.


I’ll update you more as the design unfolds. For daily updates you can join me at JILLSORENSEN@INSTAGRAM.COM

See you soon!



September 18, 2016

My house tour in Malibu Westlake magazine

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Unless you live in Los Angeles you’ll miss my mini home tour in Malibu Westlake magazine which is out on the newsstands now. Its always fun to see how your home looks in magazines so thought I would share a few peeks here on the blog.   You can read the full interview with pictures and story here www.wmlifestyle.com.

I’ve included a few behind the scenes pictures as well.

I’m definitely happy I painted that front door blue…

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 6.43.10 PM copy

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 5.58.42 PM

This is the current terrace awaiting a new coffee tables and carpet.

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 6.44.10 PM

Bedroom with my new (and favorite)  TAKES TWO bedding and ARCHES wallpaper for Jill Sorensen Lifestyle.


And here it Behind-the-scenes with photographer Joe Hill shooting.


The carpet is my GREEK KEY SHAG from Jill Sorensen Lifestyle.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 5.58.36 PM

My new little master bedroom terrace made it in.

Behind the scenes pic….


Waiting for those banana leafs to grow in.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 1.40.07 PM

In the living room with Katherine Rally drapery fabric.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 1.40.43 PM

Big thank You to Diana at Malibu Westlake magazine for coming to visit.


March 3, 2016

New big job on the east coast

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The last couple of months I’ve had my head buried in a big design job on the east coast.

Since I took a hiatus to get settled in LA, renovate our home, write for a magazine, work on my label, etc. I didn’t think I could take it on so I recommended other designers for the job. While my client was having a difficult time deciding on what firm to hire the builders started the house without a designer, which was not disastrous as my client perhaps is the busiest hardest working person I know.

As things would have it, we figured out a way to make it work. After a quick trip to DC to check it out,  I’ve done all the meetings via Face time (don’t you love the new technology?) and dove in to revamping the floor plan to better suit the lifestyle I know they want. It’s been many late nights pouring over plans and figuring out how to create their desired lifestyle within a halfway built house.

This week I flew back east to check out the progress.


I was very happy with the new open floor plans we created for the main entertainment area. The kitchen, family room, a hallway is now one large area with a double sided fireplace and a conservatory on the other side.

I’ve been so happy in my own home with an open floor plan, and I’m excited for this family to have a home with a more casual modern vibe which suits them better.


I’ve got a great new team in place here in LA, and my former design assistant Flavia have stepped in to help out locally.


We’ve worked on laying out an electrical lighting plan, built ins, kitchen layout,etc. etc. etc.


A downstairs bar area is being planned. The details are endless.


Outdoor light locations need to be decided as well as indoors.


What TV’s go above fireplaces and where do they go if not? The questions to answer and solve are endless when you build a house and boy it’s cold in the basement! You get so spoiled with the warm weather in LA.

The design direction is  “just figure it out” so I really want to create something really special for a very dynamic family. A fun and elegant space that’s also a warm, cozy, engulfing sanctuary.  The other design direction is “I don’t want gray and white” which is so refreshing because everywhere you look these days interiors are white.

You can follow me on INSTAGRAM@JILLSORENSEN.COM for daily updates (if you read Swedish I write a daily blog for the Swedish magazine SKONA HEM.com




January 19, 2016

Whipping our pool terrace in shape!

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While it’s freezing in most of the country, here in LA it’s high time to get the outdoors in shape. I’m going full speed ahead with getting the backyard and pool  terrace done as fast as possible.

The scraggly trees at the end of the pool had to come down. Since we built the deck there the landscaping needed a makeover.


This week Teryl Designs gang came by and in a few hours it looked like this…


Without the trees there you can see the Sierras in the background, but we needed something green.

Enter my long time obsession…


Banana leaf plants!!

I’ve been obsessing over these plants for years and I’m so excited to live somewhere where I can finally have them in my yard.


Pink begonias will be planted in between them and I’m waiting for the double chaise I ordered to arrive.

2015-10-12 14.56.35 copy

Modern lanterns were hung on the now white house with black windows and eaves.

I decided to repaint the dining set I brought from Virgina.


The antiqued blue became…


…a cobalt navy blue with a mix of Benjamin Moore colors Dark Royal Blue 2065-20 and Admiral Blue 2065-10.


Although old fashioned they feel more modern and will add a little Hollywood regency flair to the heavy dining table I found form World market.

Outdoor furniture can be crazy expensive and the second you buy it and place it in your home the value goes to half.

Instead of any of the expensive outdoor options I found this indoor table from World market on sale that would be perfect underneath the pergola. For $ 349(!) how can you go wrong?

Screen shot 2016-01-17 at 10.50.46 PM

Edgar wood and metal table

I got two carved side tables on sale as well from World Market as well to go next to the outdoor sofas.


Tribal carved wood table

The dining table arrived a couple of days ago and it didn’t disappoint.


It looked even better in person.


Today  I bought a wood carved dining bench to use on one side of it so the chairs can go on the other.

Screen shot 2016-01-18 at 9.09.36 PM

Next up a ficus hedge and bougainvillea will be planted, the cement will be stained and cleaned, the outdoor cushions will arrive and the outdoor BBQ will be installed.

If you have any great sources for chic, affordable outdoor furniture please share!


November 25, 2014

Planning our California Dream House

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I can’t wait to move in to our new place. I want to wake up on a chilly but sunny California morning with a cup of coffee in hand and enjoy that beautiful view.

But first we need to renovate!

Although the house was lovingly cared for by the previous owners it hasn’t been renovated since -67.  And the way people lived in the 60’s is not the way we live today. There was a hidden away kitchen with a separate dining room and the formal living room.  The cook slaved away alone in the kitchen, the family ate in the dining room, and if they had a party they entertained in the living room.  Today we live a more causal lifestyle and most people, including myself, prefer an open floor plan.

So this week I’m reworking the floor plans to create that irresistible southern California indoor/outdoor open floor plan living I’ve been swooning over. With the sunny 70 degree weather year around it’s a must! And more than anything I love to enter a house when I can see straight out to the view.

photo 1(7)

The goal is:





photo 3(1)


The house is shaped like a boomerang, long and narrow, with all the rooms facing the pool. But a hallway goes along the entire back of the house kind of like a hotel corridor or railroad apartment.

So to change that, we need to remove a lot of walls!!!

Screen shot 2014-11-21 at 9.04.55 PM

Hallways can be pretty, but they are just there to transfer you from one place to another in a house. So to gain useable square footage that we can actually live in, most of the long hallways will be removed.


By removing the hallway we’ll also be able to immediately enjoy the mountain view as soon as you enter the house.


This is what we get to see:


This is what we are planning for the kitchen area:


Kurt Gibbs my architect friend drew up some plans from my sketches- (the latest version not in here widens the hall.)  The existing kitchen, dining and Den will become one open area.

While not exactly the style we are doing, I love that open hotel lobby floor plan look in the pictures below.


I’ve been doing some serious MLS real estate stalking this last year and have seen that a lot in LA.

The open space makes a home feel bigger, and it brings the people in the home together in a nice way.  The best part is you will actually USE every area of your home.


And this is what the plan is for the master bath area….


The his and her bathrooms will become one large space with a big tub, and the sauna becomes a double shower. The dropped 60’s ceiling will be removed to expose beams and gain height. The rest of the space will be used for a his and her closet. Because I really believe every woman wants a walk in closet and not have to share it with her man!!  And the woman of course needs a much bigger closet…



I hope I didn’t bore you with all those floor plans, but I just love figuring those out, like solving a puzzle.

It’s so much fun to take the design from scratch, think about how you want to live, what lifestyle suits you, and figure out how to get the most out of the existing foot print of the house.  I also love the challenge of seeing how cost effective you can do it, and how to gain the most value for your home.  You don’t want renovate yourself out of the area, instead do improvements that add value to your property.

photo 2

When we left Virginia we dreamed of finding a house with lemon trees. We had not see any here first, but behind the house hidden up on the hill there they were… two lemon trees FILLED with lemons.

Guess we don’t need to by lemons anymore. I’m sorry but that really excites me!

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebrating with people you love.




July 11, 2014


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There is simply NEVER enough time in a day, week, month to get it all done or to achieve all that we set out to do. Particularly not if you are a parent and run your own business. I would have to work around the clock, daytime, late evenings and take no time off. That’s not an option for me right now, since I don’t want to miss out on Luke’s childhood.

This past year I’ve tried to to get better at working less, yet more effectively, and enjoy things more.

Here are some things I try to do. ( However not always successfully.)

picked flowers


You don’t have to have an over loaded schedule to be effective. Focus on a FEW things and get them done well, instead of hundreds of things that suffer. Prioritize what’s important, and organize your to do list so that you take care of what is the most urgent first. Don’t fill your day with items low on the priority list.  If something doesn’t align with your overall goal, then don’t waste your time.

photo 3(4)


Don’t be afraid to try new things that you have no idea how to do. Don’t worry about it, just start. You can pick things up as you go along. Just try it, learn from your mistakes and improve as you go along.

2014-07-02 14.05.53


It’s okay to say no.  There is only a limited amount of time in a day, so make sure to squeeze in some time for yourself. This helps you refuel and get inspired. And certainly don’t spend time with people who steal your energy.

2014-07-05 14.17.40


Reach out and connect with others in your field. There are lots of wonderful people who have done what you are trying to do. So ask questions and get the advice you need, then share what you have learned with them.  Help each other.

Take walks


To clear your brain and to be more effective and happy…find some time to exercise. Even short daily walks help.

photo 1


Keep an organized desk, office, computer and to-do-list. This is something I need to work on!  A clear desk is a clear mind. I use google docs for to-do-lists for my business, and share them with my assistant and people I work with.

Jill Sorensen Swedish room


You are you and no one can do “you” better. Sounds kind of silly…but nothing can be more true. You are unique.  Don’t compare yourself to others and let it get you down or feel like you are not as good or talented as they are. Instead take joy in other people’s success and be inspired by what they do and achieve.

photo 5


Figure out what it is you really want to achieve and what would make you happy. You don’t have to do it the way people expect you to do it, because maybe what you want to do doesn’t exist yet?   Write it down and alter this as needed. This is the most important step and might take some time to figure out.

Anyway those are some things I’ve been trying to do.  Do you have any great tips? For your life or business?  Please share in the comment section! I would LOVE to hear.