January 23, 2012


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Are any of you business owners?

Running your own business is full of daily challenges. While it’s a lot of fun, there are days you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, unsure of direction, alone in decision making, worried, uninspired and  everything feels like one big bad chore! Those days it’s great to have a Manifesto. Why are you doing the things you do? What inspires you? What do you hope to do with your business? What do you believe in? What’s your driving force?  My main driving force is my desire to help people. Help people live better and fuller lives.

Lily, my great new assistant and graphic designer created an updated version of the LiveLikeYou Manifesto which will go on the site this week. We needed it to have a design style suited the spunky LiveLikeYou design & life view!

No matter how I look at it. I know one thing for sure. Life is simply too short not to show up, in every way you can…

I’m convinced that a big change in your life can kick start with the right coat of paint, or a daring new design twist in your space. I see it happen to people I help with redesign all day long.  It can make all the difference. (I going to start to share some stories.) We spend countless hours in our homes, and our surroundings affect us way more than we realize. On those days when you are feeling low…don’t you want to look around and be reminded of who you are, or cheered up or comforted by a great space that reminds you that you are actually really cool?

As long as you commit, follow your heart, and allow yourself to be you, you are on the right track.

Anyway it’s Monday a busy week lays ahead.  Commit to being you in every way you can!

December 30, 2011

12 Step Guide to living like you!

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A New Year = a fresh start, new goals, new experiences, new memories…can’t wait.  Whatever you didn’t get done in 2011-get it done 2012. Wipe out mistakes, failures and start over. It’s refreshing what a new year can offer.  Perhaps creating a home you dream of is on your agenda in 2012?  Here are my 12 STEPS TO LIVING LIKE YOU.

June 18, 2010

It's never too late to follow you heart

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Susanne and Torbjorn Ihre are my inspiration! They’ve followed their careers, working and living all over the world for 25 years. When it recently came time to retire, they asked themselves…. What do we do now? Where do we belong? Do we stay in Brussels where we’ve worked for so long, or do we move back home to Sweden? Neither of the above felt right. But in true Ihre fashion another adventure was beckoning…

They were invited to spend the weekend with friends in the Loire Valley in France. As soon as they arrived they were charmed by the quaint village life, where strangers took their time to speak to each other when meeting on the street. The blue sky, the generosity of the villagers, the amazing farmers market, where at the end of the day all the vendors would bring out wine and share their delicacies with everyone…was heaven. Back at home they couldn’t stop thinking about this magical part of the world. So Susanne decided to check out a local realtor’s website. She clicked on the first link—

And this house came up:

Susanne was in LOVE!

It was a house built in the typical Loire Valley style from 1885. She just HAD to call the realtor to ask some questions. When learning what their budget was, he told her she’d have to understand a house like this would cost much more..it’s a historical place, and right down the street from the farmer’s market. Still Susanne asked her friends to go see it in person and they called screaming “IT’S AMAZING!! But cooler heads prevailed when Thorbjorn said two things: “TOO BIG and TOO EXPENSIVE! A sad Susanne and Thorbjorn went back to Sweden. But two weeks later the phone rang…

REALTOR: The client has accepted your offer!!!

SUSANNE: Wh-what offer? We only spoke about our budget.

REALTOR: Well whatever..they’ve accepted it (in true French style…)

Susanne was in shock, but they immediately booked tickets to France. Their four kids, in a sudden role reversal, were telling them “Don’t do anything rash now” ” Remember it’s not too late to back out!”

They arrived…


The house was magical and was surrounded by a beautiful garden. Across the street was an old chapel, and it was stone throws walk to the farmer’s market. The walked through the house as if in a trance, signed the papers on the spot, and moved down to The Loire Valley.

In their utter excitement over the house, they had forgotten one thing…To ask any questions about it!! So since moving in they’ve learned a few things. The previous owners had been happy amateurs in the contracting department, and had handled all repairs on the house for years and years on their own. Needless to say 2 1/2 years of renovations later, new windows, new electrical system etc. etc…..

…they realized they had spent as much on the renovations as they did buying the house.

Would they have done it if they knew they would have to do that? NOOOO!!!!

But they LOVE their house so much, and LOVE “their” village. People stop them in the street and thank them for fixing up that beautiful historical house and making it nice. They have even been elected to be advisers on the mayor’s board!!! I’m sure by the time I get to visit (which I hope is soon!) they might even be the new mayors in town!! I’m not kidding-that wouldn’t even surprise me.

They’ve named the house “OASIS IHRE”. Susanne said the lesson they learned was:

“Sometimes it’s good not to be so strategic and wise — instead JUST FOLLOW YOUR HEART!!


April 30, 2010


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I’ve been in New York for a few days looking at apartments with my boyfriend.  Looking at apartments in NY is pretty depressing considering the insane prices for what you get.  But what was just as depressing was to see how many people go through their lives and do nothing with their interiors.   Too many places with the eggshell condo wall, the basic nondescript couch…one apartment looks like the next.  Are we so busy we ignore what we love and always opt for what’s considered safe?   I really believe years of  living in an uninspired place will have a negative effect on your life.   Am I wrong?   Tell me?  Life is short – find what you love and express it whatever it is.  Here are a some suggestions that might help you LIVE LIKE YOU!

# 1  FOLLOW YOUR HEART – Whatever you love or makes you happy create it.  Don’t know? Search for it. You don’t have to conform to what’s seen as an acceptable interior. You’re creating a home for YOU!


# 2 HAVE A SENSE OF FUN — How great to come home to something that makes you smile, and be reminded not to take things too seriously.


# 3  BE OPEN TO NEW IDEAS –   Maybe there are ways of using something, in a way you never thought of before?  It’s always great to keep an open mind and be willing to see things in new ways. You might find what you really love this way.


# 4   BREAK THE RULES YOU THINK EXIST – Who says a mirror should be wood or gold?  And who chooses what colors go together?  There are always new ways to do things. Who really decides..


…what wallpapers are acceptable for a bathroom?


# 5 GET IN TOUCH WITH NATURE – Create outdoor spaces if you have them.  If not bring the outdoors in, flowers, plants or why not like this?


# 6 CREATE THE UNEXPECTED –  it will keep your sense of wonder.  Put cool wallpaper or unexpected color somewhere.  An over sized mirror in an unusual space…a bold chandelier.  Surprise yourself!

Via DCbydesign

# 7  A DECISION IS BETTER THAN NO DECISION – Don’t think about things too long!!  DO IT!!  Paint it!!  You like the carpet?   Buy it, try it, if you hate it return it. If you don’t love it —  at least you have come one step closer to finding what you don’t like.


# 8  GET A NEW PERSPECTIVE— use the rooms for what you want, not what they’re are expected to be used for. Maybe you’ll find what makes you tick and a whole new way to live that suits you.


# 8 SHARE YOUR HOME WITH “PEOPLE” YOU LOVE – this needs no description!


# 9  MONEY DOESN’T BUY HAPPINESS – imagination and creativity  beats money for creating a great interior anytime. Money is not the excuse to an uninspired interior.


# 10   THERE IS NO COLOR OR PATTERN THAT DOESN’T GO TOGETHER – don’t be afraid to mix it. Be being fearless you might find the most magnificent combination. So if you’re the only one who loves it…do you really care?



# 11  LOVE MOTHER EARTH – recycle, reinvent and reuse.  By using something from your past, and adding your own creativity you might just find what’s you!


I could go on and on… but I hope this has given you some inspiration to finding what’s you.  You’ve got any great ideas for creating your home?  Leave a comment I would love to hear!

Have a Happy Weekend!

December 5, 2009

Live Like you!

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Interiors affect your mood, your outlook, your emotional well being and even your future.  The style of your home, your possessions, the colors you live with all have an affect on you. In many ways your personal space is a direct reflection of your desires, hopes, and dreams. It reveals your beliefs about yourself and your view of the world.   By changing things in your home it can have a dramatic impact on your life.  Believe it or not – your home can be your greatest ally in achieving your potential!

So, if your home is a reflection of your soul, and can alter you future…why is it that so many interiors are uninspired, generic and even depressing?

Why not live like the unique human being you are?

enseignedegersaint typad fr elledecor6

tony_duquette05 Single mom

Maybe because when you rent an apartment or buy a house, you do what most of us do. You use whatever you have, or visit a well known retailer and buy something that makes sense.   A beige couch, a TV, a rug etc.   Then you can’t figure out what color to paint the wall.  You spend hours, days, sometimes weeks dwelling over what color to paint. And how do you choose paint colors that look good together in your home? So you opt for something basic and safe, or figure you can do it later – because you just don’t have time!!  Perhaps you live in a small town and you can’t find the right stores there.  Or when you do find places to shop, how do you find what’s you?

It can often be a daunting, frustrating task decorating your home.  So you do the safest thing…You order that couch everybody has so as not to make a mistake, and go on living like everybody else. Not living like you.

What if there was a place you could go for endless design ideas and solutions? A website where you could walk through professionally designed homes suited to personality types, and with the click of a button it all arrived at your doorstep a few weeks later?  Instead of a retailer selling you their one look you could find rooms with a mixture of furniture manufacturers, vintage pieces and one of a kind art by interesting up and coming artists.   You would be given paint color selections for every room, design advice on every page. And the design is completely free!

The idea of www.LiveLikeYou.com came to me after the economic crisis hit.  Great design should be available to everybody to enhance their lives no matter what budget. What better place is there to draw inspiration, find peace and let your life take center stage then your own home?

On www.LiveLikeYou.com you’ll find  an ever growing number of entry doors with different personalities, male, female and general identities like this…









Are you Glamour Girl, Stylish City Guy, Urban Cowboy,  Modern Marie Antoinette? Or do you want to live in a home inspired by your favorite movie  Mamma Mia or Under the Tuscan Sun?

Maybe you want to live in your dream style Earthy Modern or Bohemian chic.  The choices are endless. Maybe you’re 007, Single Mom or maybe you’d get a kick of living in a home inspired by the elegant characters on my TV obsession, Mad Men?

Bedside tables too expensive? Click on budget option.  That way you can decide where in the room you want to spend money.  Care about the environment?  Choose green option. We’ll have a custom vintage recycled chair designed just for you.  Need more options? We’ll create a special client area just for you.  Questions? We’re happy to answer as many as you have.

And most important…you’ll have fun!

5% of all sales go to selected charities. Each personality has their own. All charity links and info will be posted on the site and blog.

Remember your home is not only a reflection of you, but it also has the power to shape your future. When you make changes in your home, you may notice that your life can be transformed instantly and dramatically!

December 1, 2009

Welcome to the Live Like You blog!

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Photo: Jennifer Jaunsch

Hi friends,

Welcome to the Live Like You blog!

Since arriving to America from Sweden I’ve worked as a fashion model, actress, screen writer, producer and interior designer and I guess now…blog writer.   I want to share with you lots of amazing interiors, the latest and greatest in furniture, renovation stories and tips, my favorite homes and hotels, and tons of design advice and ideas to help you make your home great!

I guess you could call me a design addict. I admit to going to the super bowl with my face buried in an interior design book the entire game, and I don’t think I’ve been to a friend’s house without moving furniture around or solving a design dilemma (even if it’s in the middle of the night!)    I can even sit through a really bad movie just to check out the interiors or the color combinations… There are just so many ways to create amazing living spaces!  As my 8 year old son says “Mom you’re all about design, aren’t you?”

Not exactly, but using my love of design to improve people’s lives intrigues me.  Good design should be available to everybody, on any budget, to create a better life and environment for themselves.  I created the upcoming www.livelikeyou.com website to be able to reach lots of people, not just my design clients, making interior design free, purchasing easy, and aid people in living the way they dream of.   Sharing all things design, with some humor along the way I hope this becomes your obsession too.

I hope you’ll visit often!