December 21, 2017

Get the Look! Rustic Winter Wonderland

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Four days to Christmas.

We’re off to Sun Valley today and I’m inspired by a rustic modern mountain ski chalet look in a white winter wonderland.

Reclaimed wood walls, antlers, faux fur, leather and winter white.

That works…always.

Image via Elle Decor. Interiors Ken Fulk.

Yellowstone Club designed by Ken Fulk.

To instantly turn your bedroom in to a modern winter wonderland grab the look below.

Light tan walls, black accents, graphic modern bedding, reclaimed woods, gold classic carpets.

BENJAMIN MOORE colors — SHAKER BEIGE flat finish for walls and ONYX semi gloss for select trim and casings.




Add a natural hide, cowhide rustic accent chair and reclaimed wood nightstands.



Image via Elle Decor. Interiors Ken Fulk.

Install reclaimed wood paneling on one or more walls, or even the ceiling to go all the way.


Gold and cream classic carpet on the floor.


For a softer luxury vibe add a large white velvet bed with nail heads.


Load up on faux fur blankets.



While you’re at it….let the look spill in to the entire house and decorate for the holidays.

Image via Elle Decor. Interiors Ken Fulk.

Want to bring this vibe to your home?

Mix in a few of these pieces and casually use around the home with neutral walls.



September 23, 2017

Intriguing inspiration for an unusual teen space

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The bedroom I designed for Luke when we first moved in here was bland. He told me NO color, just white, please make it plain, maybe just a little gray. Our previous house in Virginia had so much color he needed me to tone things down for the LA house. It took him only a couple of months and he soon regretted his decision and felt jealous of my more colorful art deco bedroom.  Lucky for him he gets a second chance. He is one of those lucky teens who will get his own guest house space which we call “Lukeland” and now he is ready for something fun.

He has made a bunch of intriguing design request and I’m up for the design challenge!

He first inspiration is…THE GREAT GATSBY.

I can’t think of a time period I love more than Art Deco right now and using Gatsby is perfect.

Our guest house isn’t exactly a palace but it has a really cool entrance. At the top of the staircase is an angled window so you can enjoy view of miles upon miles of mountain ranges.

Like Gatsby he’ll have an incredible view.

The room also has a walk in closet, bathroom and a wide sliding door out to a deck.

The dry wall is going up this week and now it looks like this….

A Great Gatsby man cave perhaps?

Design by Ken Fulk.

His other request is REALLY TALL PLANTS.

I want it to feel like a JUNGLE! Lots of plants everywhere.

Luke is in to 80’s music so this 80’s room feels right as inspiration.

This is the view in the other direction. This wall will have a mini kitchen and his desk.

Dry wall is going up…

Another design request is….

I want LOTS OF WOOD…make it feel like the INSIDE OF A YACHT!

Design by Ken Fulk


I love wood but wood paneling is not in our budget, but then but I love coming up with solutions.

This is the back wall…

This week with dry wall almost done.

This back wall will get Stikkwood, the clever company that makes self adhesive glue on real pieces of wood. I used it on another job and it looks amazing.

Here it is as an accent wall in a place in an apartment. They have a tons of finishes and I’m sure I’ll find one that resembles boat wood.

The last request is BLACK and GOLD and tv-show EMPIRE.

Gatsby, Empire, Jungle, Boat….

…you can’t say he doesn’t have fun imagination.

But I expect nothing less of this young director /writer

Now…I just have to figure out how to design it!







September 2, 2017

My TOP 10 paint colors for the BEDROOM (that will help you sleep)

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Paint colors. One of my favorite subjects.

While I love bold paint colors in a home (and lots of them), in the master bedroom I prefer peaceful soothing colors as a back drop. The bedroom is your sanctuary, the space you refuel and regroup and gather strength for the following day.  In the perfect bedroom you should be able to close the door and be shielded from the rest of world in a comforting cocoon tailored just for you. Seriously this is where to go all out with the creature comforts.

The perfect wall color should soothe you and help you relax so you can to go to sleep, yet it also needs to be a color that you want to wake up to. Therefore I personally stay clear of black and other dark hues. There are certain colors that are proven to also actually aid you in falling asleep such as pale blues, silvers, pale yellows, moss green…

Here are my Top 10 paint color picks for a soothing bedroom. All colors are from Benjamin Moore.

Image via House of Turquoise

Image via Studio Mc Gee


August 25, 2017

Color loving client – sneak peek from install day

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Sharing a sneak peek from an install day of a colorful design project on the east coast.

I love color (surprise!) and when a client can’t get enough of strong colors and patterns I’m more than eager to please. I’ll share this project as soon as we get it photographed in the meanwhile I can’t resist sharing some glimpses from some of the design details.

It’s amazing how happy a space can become with color and pattern.

In the dining room we reupholstered the clients existing dining room chairs for use in the new house.

We had custom painted chinoserie silk wallpaper done for the dining room walls. Black and white marble in the foyer.

In the foyer bathroom we customized a reclaimed wood piece for the bath cabinet and used a really fun wallpaper and an ornate gold mirror to accompany it.

Love this room!

The clients loves color in the ceilings, so a lot of rooms have fun surprises.

The kitchen hood rocks.

Cambria stone walls, counters and back splashes are in the kitchen.

In a kid’s room we went all out with pinks and corals for a Guatemalan girl’s room theme.

Here is a pic from setting it up, love this wall color!

Peek of laundry room wallpaper.

Design detail from the movie theater bathroom.

My favorite space might be the rust colored mud room with plaid cushions.

Ready for flight back to LA – exhausted!

PS. If you live on the east coast and want to work with us we have an e-design program so reach out if you want to know more as it’s not on our website yet. For a full service design I take on a very limited set of clients across the country so I’m really excited about the E-design.

August 17, 2017

Five dorm room looks

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It’s that time of year when moms walk around with a lump in their throats preparing their kids for the beginning of their grown up life – college. It’s a day I’m personally already dreading!

Luke is sixteen but I can already be in a puddle of tears just thinking about it.  I’m well aware it’s also an exciting time and all change brings positives, but that still doesn’t make it less difficult. In hopes to help make the transition for moms (and dads) a little easier I created some fun affordable dorm room looks.

My dear friend Bobbi and her daughter Bella are in full force preparing her dorm room.

Bella is going off to college in Boston to study communications and preparing for life across the country is scary yet exciting for both.

Bella and her room mate have already agreed to a gray and white dorm room theme. I think we underestimate the effect interiors can have on us so depending on what you are looking to become/achieve/feel while at college I think can already be represented in your dorm room decor.

Here is a grey/white suggestion for Bella and her roommate…


Rug // Desk chair // Headboard // Desk Lamp // Nightstand

Sheet Set // Ivory faux fur pillow // Asphalt Mark Pillow

Personally couldn’t survive living in a boring room where all the furniture is the same and the walls are white. If it was me I would go all out! (watch out Luke…)   I know most colleges won’t let you paint the walls, however some allow it as long as you paint it back.

I don’t know what you are setting out to become, but here are a few really affordable dorm room looks to can help guide you.

Retro Desk Lamp //   Panel Headboard   //    Black Lucky Duvet and Shams

African Mud Cloth Pillow  //    Grey Faux Fur Pillow  //    Rug


Future marine biologist?

Upholstered Headboard //  Ivory Faux Fur Pillow //  Turquoise Key Shams

//  Rope Desk Lamp  // Rug//  Nightstand

The next culinary entrepreneur?

Upholstered Headboard  //   Sheet Set  //  Black Bang Bang Euro Shams  //   Blush Faux Fur Pillow

Desk Lamp  //  Black and White Cowhide  //  Yellow Nightstand

A career in medicine, curing future illnesses?

Upholstered Headboard //  Grey Faux Fur Pillow //   Powder Pink Deco Shams

Nightstand //  Rug   // Desk Lamp

Do you want more dorm room ideas?

E-mail us at with a picture and let us know what you are studying and we’ll create a look for you and share here on the blog.

April 22, 2017

Retro chic interior designer

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I’ve been searching for some mid century/1950’s-70’s inspiration for phase two of our home renovations and came upon Charlotte designer Barrie Benson’s cool portfolio.

I love her classic/modern interiors with retro chintz, old world glam and unusual color tones. It’s always inspiring to see designers with on their own unique vibe.











girlsjust-lamarre_11 girlsjust-lamarre_8






March 9, 2017

My TOP 10 Modern Rustic Nightstands

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Adding touches of reclaimed wood or distressed wood in a home is a design style I love of late.

There is no surprise that the modern farm house was voted one of the most popular design looks of 2016. Surrounding your self with reclaimed woods gives your space an instant cozy feel.

Here I’ve picked out my top ten modern farmhouse nightstands, from inexpensive to fairly affordable.

Do you like this look?

Jill Sorensen-LiveLikeYoublog-Modern Rustic NIghts stands

1  // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10


January 30, 2017

Mid century terrace inspiration

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Our LA house wont be complete  until the terrace and garden is outfitted with mid century creature comforts, pots and greenery.

Here are some ideas I’m looking at…


Hanging chairs….


Image CB2

Mid century dining area.



Cozy bohemian little seating areas with pillow ottomans.



Out door swings.


Cactuses and succulents.

Lots of them.


Some retro seating.



Most importantly lots of layered potted plants.


June 13, 2016

TOP 8 irresistible accent chairs

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Happy Monday!

First off I want to welcome all the new Swedish readers to my American blog. (Välkomna! Lämna gärna kommentarer på svenska) I stopped writing my daily blog last week for the Swedish magazine Skona Hem and I’m excited to  be able to blog here again on a regular basis.

A busy week is coming up. We’re in full sourcing mode over here working on a big east coast project. It’s always the perfect way to catch up on all the great new products out there.

Here are my TOP 8 most irresistible occasional chairs right now. Whether its a killer swivel chair, a sleek rattan chair or a 70’s inspired brass chair these are about as cool as it gets.





June 2, 2016

Jana Bek’s dreamy apartment

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You might already have seen talented designer Jana Bek’s sweet makeover in the One Room Challenge but I can’t resist sharing it with you here. It’s such a refreshing feminine space filled with pastels and chicness.

I particularly of course love how great her new floral pillows and fabric mix with my black graphic bedding! Feminine with a bit of edge is perfect.

IMG_4388sm copy

Palm Beach blooms and Brushstroke pillow mixes with our Black Deco Duvet and sham.

Love all the breezy mint and black.

The breezy Aqua brushstroke fabric as drapery with the super glam chair by Selamat design, another irresistible brand.

IMG_4407sm copy

Blush brushstroke fabric on this daybed.

Just in case you can’t get enough of her brushstroke fabric, she also designs and sells these gorgeous brushstroke lamps in just about any color you can think of.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 10.40.54 PM