September 9, 2017

Dreamy inspiration for my new office

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The home renovations here have been at a standstill for a few weeks due to various issues. It’s thankfully finally back on and the house is waiting for stucco. However after all this wait (two years all in all!) I can’t imagine what it will be like working in an office now with loads of space AND an outdoor room.

The decision to work from home a few years back has been both positive and negative. Being a single parent it’s been easier because I’ve been able to spend more time at home, but having an office at home has also given us a lack of privacy since my business life has blended so much with my personal life.

Thankfully I’ve been lucky to work with a great group of (mostly women) and probably they as much as me will feel relived!  No more crowded unorganized spaces!  Building this addition gives us an entire floor of the guest house, separate yet connected to my home.

Okay so this is where it’s at today. A mess but windows are in….

This will be the main office area.

There will also be a storage area and a private studio.

Lately I’ve been missing Sweden way to much and feel the need to bring part of Sweden to my work space. I also want the space to be very feminine.

Here are some my inspiration pictures. I always start with the color combination in mind…

Love yellow and white.

I want a country feeling while still modern.

The color combination and the relaxed vibe feels right.

Design by Claire Brody.

Loads of plants and terracotta with floors and ceiling painted white.

This dreamy home office by LA designer Sarah Samuel Sherman is perfection.

Interiors here and above: Sarah Sherman Samuel

I want to incorporate lots of light/blonde Swedish wood colors.

Love these three colors together in an image from Valspar.



I want to continue the Art Deco vibe I started in the rest of the house just in pink, yellow, black,white and wood.

And…I won’t be able to resist a little Pippi Longstocking vibe.

Image via ELLE UK

Then of course there is the outdoor space I need to start thinking of…

Design by Kelly Wearstler

Hmm…lots to think about.


September 18, 2016

My house tour in Malibu Westlake magazine

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Unless you live in Los Angeles you’ll miss my mini home tour in Malibu Westlake magazine which is out on the newsstands now. Its always fun to see how your home looks in magazines so thought I would share a few peeks here on the blog.   You can read the full interview with pictures and story here

I’ve included a few behind the scenes pictures as well.

I’m definitely happy I painted that front door blue…

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 6.43.10 PM copy

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 5.58.42 PM

This is the current terrace awaiting a new coffee tables and carpet.

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 6.44.10 PM

Bedroom with my new (and favorite)  TAKES TWO bedding and ARCHES wallpaper for Jill Sorensen Lifestyle.


And here it Behind-the-scenes with photographer Joe Hill shooting.


The carpet is my GREEK KEY SHAG from Jill Sorensen Lifestyle.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 5.58.36 PM

My new little master bedroom terrace made it in.

Behind the scenes pic….


Waiting for those banana leafs to grow in.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 1.40.07 PM

In the living room with Katherine Rally drapery fabric.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 1.40.43 PM

Big thank You to Diana at Malibu Westlake magazine for coming to visit.


July 22, 2016

Unplugging Swedish style

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Hope you’re having a good summer.

I want to share some pictures from our trip over here. Since the house is undergoing renovations we have been out and about more than usual.

I’ve unplugged not been attached to my computer instead doing a lot of this…


Enjoying evening swims in pristine lakes.



Biking country roads…



Even fishing!




Time with lively nieces.


Swimming off the cliffs in the giant lake…



And of course spending time with family…


…friends and neighbors…


…and just enjoying this place.



April 1, 2016

Has this house nightmare ever happened to you?

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Just as I’m gearing up start next week with the One Room Challenge (the internet makeover sensation where 20 designers and bloggers makeover a space in 6 weeks) another emergency home makeover will be in my future.

You might have seen pictures here on the blog of my old house in Sweden where we spend our summers. Two weeks ago I got a call from my mom that a pipe had burst in the laundry room and water had sprayed for two weeks in our pretty summer home. My heart was broken. Now part of the house has serious water damage and the rest is damaged by steaming water inside and freezing temperatures outside.

This is what I arrived home to…


Even the ceiling on the second floor came down from steam.


However a pretty wood ceiling appeared above it….something will be better afterwards after all.

The kitchen was soaked in water and will be torn out. Hopefully the cabinets will stay.


The water had sprayed from the laundry room behind it.


The wall has a hole in it and the walls here will be.


The guest bedroom ceiling is buckling…


…and all windows have peeled.

I’m sorting this mess out with the insurance agency, have spoken to contractors this week here. Luke and I are staying at my mothers house since the house is unlivable at the moment.

I know a major makeover is in the very near future, because a house with this amazing view even in wet april….


…is worth pouring your time and heart in to.

April 6th will be the first day of the One Room Challenge and you’ll see me way more often on the blog coming up.


February 12, 2016

Our California dream home realized

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Have you ever had one of those “aha” moments when you realize what you conjured up in your mind suddenly has become reality?

Three years ago I had this idea that we should move to LA and buy an ugly place and renovate it with loving care turning it in to something special. I had these visions of me sitting outside on some terrace in sunny warm weather in the middle of the winter and look at some pretty view while drinking my morning coffee.

Well, this week while sipping coffee on a gorgeous sunny morning I had that aha moment when I suddenly realized it’s become reality…


This house has been a huge undertaking and sometimes I forget to reflect on how far we’ve come.

But with the rush in activity in 2016 this the ugly duckling is changing in front of our eyes and is slowly becoming our cool California dream pad.


This weekend we threw a dinner party for old friends and nothing else gets you more in gear to get your house done.

I got agave plants and new West Elm pots that are now flanking the blue front door.


(I love all the cool plants you can grow here.)

The living room door out to the pool got another set of agaves.



Teryl  was here again and planted Bougainvillea and Birds of Paradise by the pergola.


Do you remember the incredible bouganvillea I saw when I was out jogging last year and I knew I needed it somewhere in our new house ?

Well here are the two colors, magenta and coral.


Now they just need to grow.

The new green cushions arrived for the terrace furniture arrived and it’s great to see house guests from the east coast thoroughly enjoying the California summer oasis.


The basketball hoop is up and used all day long by my now 6’2(!) son who was two feet shorter when we moved two years ago.



The orange tree filled with oranges while the rest of the country is freezing never ceases to be special to me.

If you are out there considering a change,  it’s possible to completely change your life, it really is.



September 25, 2015

New home for my blog

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You haven’t heard from me in a while.

We have been migrating my blog and website to a new platform and we’re still working out all the kinks. You should still be receiving the blog via your feeds or e-mail. If you don’t please let me know.

As soon as this is up and running smoothly I’ll be blogging regularly.


I hope you are enjoying the fall, here in LA it’s a never ending heat wave!


August 6, 2015

Three furniture items I splurged on for our house

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Hope you are having a good summer so far.  I’m back in LA and in full swing decorating this house once and for all!

To start out I finally decided on the first big furniture items for the house. I like to start with pieces that make the house functional as well as the ones that are the most expensive, that way those pieces can function as a guide for the more inexpensive items.

This week I splurged on a few items I’ve been drooling over for some time. I finally bought a Modshop sectional in a lush dark navy velvet similar to this one below…

Screen shot 2015-08-04 at 9.44.01 PM

It’s a huge piece 10 x 11 feet that will go in our TV/movie room.

I ordered it with lucite legs, chrome nail head trim and no tufting on the seats.

Can’t wait.

Screen shot 2015-08-04 at 10.08.15 PM

I’m obsessing over navy and any kind of blue lately for some reason. I know velvet is not the most practical choice for a room Luke and his teenage friends will hang out in, but sometimes life is too short to be practical. You just have to have what makes you happy, and deal with the consequences later.

The room will have draperies in this banana leaf fabric. Can’t get enough of anything leaf either.

Screen shot 2015-08-06 at 1.30.54 PM

The second big splurge was a dining room table. The look for the house is midcentury, Spanish and modern mixed in to one,  so I decided to go with a cement top and black X-legs.

Screen shot 2015-08-04 at 9.38.20 PM

This one above had too thick of a slab so I went with the faux top for a slimmer look like the one below, which will work better with the house.



The third and final splurge was a Jonathan Adler Meurice chandelier….


Can’t wait to see how this will look next to the kitchen.


While I’m waiting for these pieces a million other decisions have to be made!



February 18, 2015

Renovation diary

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I think I underestimated the amount of time it takes to write a daily design blog in Swedish, while renovating a house on top of my regular work, so I apologize for the silence. But I’m getting the hang of it now.

Renovating is staying on top of a million details and making a crazy amount design decisions. Javier my contractor and I fortunately work really well together and handle things as they come up.

There’s been a bunch of updates on the house…

photo 3 copy 4

My favorite being the laundry room and hallway tile that was put down today.


You can lay them in a whole bunch of patterns but I love this way. They are from Cement tile company.

I just love the slight ethnic yet modern vibe.


This cute man in the beret owns the cabinet company making our kitchen cabinets.

Can’t wait!

photo 4 copy 6

The kitchen is now one big open space.

The dry wall has gone up in most places.


Here Javier and I are working on the stacked mantle design for the now double sided fireplace.


Drywall is up in most places.


I looked a tons of quarzite stone slabs for the kitchen island. I want just the right pattern on it and I’m being very picky in my search.


Tomorrow this grey and white tile is going in the guest bathroom.

Can’t wait to show you more as this house is slowly coming together!




February 2, 2015

My new blog for a Swedish design magazine!

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Calling all Swedes!  I have some exciting news.

Today I started a daily design blog for the Swedish design magazine Sköna Hem. I thought it would be really fun to share my renovation diary and all cool things design here in LA with Sweden, and I’m thrilled that my favorite design magazine back home felt the same!

There’s a catch… it’s in Swedish. But just in case you read Swedish, are Swedish or you have Swedish friends…please share the link with them!

Screen shot 2015-02-01 at 9.15.00 PM

Some of you bloggers and designers might be familiar with the magazine.

Even if you can’t read it, the interiors are always really beautiful.


They posted an interview here.

Screen shot 2015-02-02 at 6.57.24 PM

I’m excited after so many years living in the states to connect up with Sweden with design.

I’ll still be blogging here. Hope to see you Thursday, I’ll share the latest house update!


November 30, 2014

This is what gratefulness looks like.

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I hope you had  a great Thanksgiving.

We drove up north to Santa Barbara and stayed at a beach hotel with our dogs for a couple of days.  Seeing the big blue ocean and that magnificent sunset every night its hard not to believe that there is something so much bigger than you out there. It’s my favorite place to think of all the things I have to be grateful for and realign myself with my own truth.  It’s far too easy to take things in our daily lives for granted, and worry about unnecessary things, so I’m on a mission to practice gratitude.

(Here is a fun video on how to become the happiest person by writing your gratitude journal the right way.)

If I had forgotten what real gratitude looked like, our dog Lucky reminded us. We brought her to the ocean to swim and run free for the first time.  (Dogs are not allowed on the beach in LA ) When she saw that great big ocean, she ran in happy circles, dove in the water, chased waves, and looked like she smiled from ear to ear.

We all had a great stay, but agreed the best of it was watching this rescue dog have so much joy and gratitude.


Lucky’s first visit with the ocean.


Tasting salty water.



Happy runs.


Chasing her friend.


6 copy


2014-11-27 17.00.33


We stayed until the sun was completely gone.