December 6, 2017

COLOR TO STEAL – Navy & Blush

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Here is a color combination to steal.

Mix it with pale blues, tans for a perfect room or outfit.

Images via HGTV

Interior by Brian Patrick Flynn

Image source unknown

Images via HGTV







November 29, 2017

Creating a luxury look for less in the Guest house Bath

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Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!

We are finally down to tile, trim, faucet selections for our Guest house renovations.  To make sure the project is a good real estate investment we can’t go over the planned budget, so the challenge has been how to create Luke’s desired Great Gatsby/Art Deco luxury vibe using basic building materials. Here are some of the things I did to make it look more expensive and create character without going over budget.

To start off here is the DESIGN PLAN:


Creating a luxurious color scheme doesn’t cost anything so I always start with that as the right colors are key.  We painted the walls a bold bright gold,  Hollywood Gold by Benjamin Moore, to add some 1920’s vibe.  Instead of going with basic white for the trim, casing and moldings we painted them black (Onyx by Benjamin Moore) and bought black windows. I like the contrasts and it gives it a richer look.

The rest of the bathroom is all neutrals white/grey/beige/black with gold metal accents.


To add a luxurious feel and 1920’s I used a lot of  gold accents. The ceiling light fixture and the sconces are all inexpensive basics but all in the matte gold.

The faucets are modern and masculine in a champagne finish by Delta.

Here is the MOOD BOARD for that:


I used plain matte white subway tile from Home Depot but installed it in a pretty pattern with a row of black on top and bottom. The intricate pattern makes it look expensive.

The shower floor has a basic black pebble which gives it a more masculine twist.


I fell in love with this look below for the bathroom floor but it all the small tiles and some marble would put us over budget so  I looked for these three colors in something with a similar pattern.

I found these matte chevron tiles from Home Depot and figured if I laid them in double rows we can accomplish a similar look.

We tried it the way tjat seem to be the best way from inside the room…

…but laying it the other way it gave it a better visual. The bathroom and closet is one of the first thing you see when you enter the upstairs.

Javier’s team was here and had some trouble installing it, but it was worth it in the end.

This was a Thanksgiving puzzle!

I like the neutrals with all the gold.

Today the custom cabinet came in.

I kept the design simple and modern and will let the hardware add the extra touch.


You enter the bathroom via a walk in closet. The closet walls are dark green and will have grey built ins to match the grey tile in the bathroom.

We widened the opening from the living room in to the closet so I could reuse the pretty old wine cellar doors I kept from when we removed the wine cellar when we renovated the main house. It cost a little more to fit it but when this get painted and some black trim it adds invaluable character and I love adding something that is original to the house.

Check back in a few days I’ll share some more renovation and design updates.

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November 4, 2017

Guest house renovation update – Picking a color scheme

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Have you ever felt like your home renovation takes forever?

It’s been a long very windy road but we’re finally getting close to the finishing line in terms of the actual renovations.  I’m eager to move in to my office space and Luke is feeling particularly impatient and asks me every single day when he can move in.

This happened the last few weeks.

Windows went in. Tile roof back on.

Scaffolding went up.

The house was prepared for stucco.

First layer of stucco up.

We decided we wanted tall windows in the staircase to bring in light.

Waited for the windows.

Eaves were painted charcoal.

Luke home from school most days checking what was done and wondering when it will be ready.

More layers of stucco.

Stucco done.

Scaffolding down.

More waiting.

Finally time for the color scheme! It’s happening.

Steel blues, pale teals for Luke’s upstairs room.

Warm light beam color directs the Stikkwood wood paneling selection.

Paint samples.

I love how colors work together and areas where you can see a few different colors at once. This door opening will get the old glass wine cellar doors that I kept from when we renovated the main part of the house.

This is the bedroom looking in to the walk in closet and the bathroom.

I added a dark green in the closet to pick up the color of the bar stools for the mini kitchen and the headboard that will go in the bedroom.

Love picking it up here.

A bold Art Deco inspired gold bathroom to go with all the black windows.

For the main room we decided on a masculine teal.

First testing paint.

Paint done.

Back wall here will get the Stikkwood later.

Picked moldings and casings that goes with existing house.

Casings up.

All are painted ONYX by Benjamin Moore.

A couple of light fixtures up.

It’s moving along nicely now.

check back next I’ll share the design plans and update on the downstairs with my new office.

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September 13, 2017

The irresistible blush pink sofa – Splurge vs Save

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My new  Jill Inc. office is still on my mind.

With all the negative events happening in this country and in the world right now I feel the need more than ever to have a space with a comforting vibe.

The first item on my must have list  is a blush sofa. Here I’ve rounded up some inspiration…

via Sarah Sherman Samuel

Super chic design office.

Love this sweet country room with a blush sofa mixed with orange.

via A Beautiful Mess

via Addisons Wonderland

Here is a delicious pink sectional mixing with natural woods and blues.

A perfect area even for a man!

In this simple room just a blush sofa adds enough warmth and femininity to makes it irresistible.

via Addison’s Wonderland

Here is a round up of whats out there.

1 Matrix Sofa

2 Art Deco Sofa

3 Aubrey Sofa

4 Chesterfield Sofa

5 Margot Sofa

And here he is  round up of more budget friendly blush sofas.


1 Holmsund Sleeper Sofa

2 Brittany Convertible Sofa

3 Emil Sofa

4 Söderhamn Sofa

5 Gabrielle Mid-Century Sofa

P.S. For more inspiration follow my company and brand at JILLSORENSENLIFESTYLE@INSTAGRAM.COM

September 2, 2017

My TOP 10 paint colors for the BEDROOM (that will help you sleep)

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Paint colors. One of my favorite subjects.

While I love bold paint colors in a home (and lots of them), in the master bedroom I prefer peaceful soothing colors as a back drop. The bedroom is your sanctuary, the space you refuel and regroup and gather strength for the following day.  In the perfect bedroom you should be able to close the door and be shielded from the rest of world in a comforting cocoon tailored just for you. Seriously this is where to go all out with the creature comforts.

The perfect wall color should soothe you and help you relax so you can to go to sleep, yet it also needs to be a color that you want to wake up to. Therefore I personally stay clear of black and other dark hues. There are certain colors that are proven to also actually aid you in falling asleep such as pale blues, silvers, pale yellows, moss green…

Here are my Top 10 paint color picks for a soothing bedroom. All colors are from Benjamin Moore.

Image via House of Turquoise

Image via Studio Mc Gee


August 25, 2017

Color loving client – sneak peek from install day

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Sharing a sneak peek from an install day of a colorful design project on the east coast.

I love color (surprise!) and when a client can’t get enough of strong colors and patterns I’m more than eager to please. I’ll share this project as soon as we get it photographed in the meanwhile I can’t resist sharing some glimpses from some of the design details.

It’s amazing how happy a space can become with color and pattern.

In the dining room we reupholstered the clients existing dining room chairs for use in the new house.

We had custom painted chinoserie silk wallpaper done for the dining room walls. Black and white marble in the foyer.

In the foyer bathroom we customized a reclaimed wood piece for the bath cabinet and used a really fun wallpaper and an ornate gold mirror to accompany it.

Love this room!

The clients loves color in the ceilings, so a lot of rooms have fun surprises.

The kitchen hood rocks.

Cambria stone walls, counters and back splashes are in the kitchen.

In a kid’s room we went all out with pinks and corals for a Guatemalan girl’s room theme.

Here is a pic from setting it up, love this wall color!

Peek of laundry room wallpaper.

Design detail from the movie theater bathroom.

My favorite space might be the rust colored mud room with plaid cushions.

Ready for flight back to LA – exhausted!

PS. If you live on the east coast and want to work with us we have an e-design program so reach out if you want to know more as it’s not on our website yet. For a full service design I take on a very limited set of clients across the country so I’m really excited about the E-design.

May 13, 2017

Progress pictures from a big design project

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When you create interiors you its all in your mind. Of course nothing is more fun than seeing your mood boards and designs come to life. The huge project we’ve been working on from scratch and designing in Virginia is coming closer to the install date. Yesterday I received a bunch of snap shots from the project.

LOVE the progress!!

The kids rooms are theme rooms.  This is the boy’s room with a reclaimed wood ceiling and a cool blue and gold paint scheme for a Russian knights room.


The room will have rich reds and crest pillows and all kinds of things Russian knight for the two boys.

Wish I could show you more…


The daughter’s room is south American and is dark coral and peachy pale coral with a bright green bathroom.


Its going to have black iron details and these fun fabrics. I love doing fun kids rooms.

What girl doesn’t love pink?

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 3.05.01 PM

One of the guest rooms got an intense color scheme, and it will make a lot of sense once all is in.


Cool blue bathroom with cement tile.

Navy walls, blue bathroom and yellow ceiling.


Yes the clients who come to me want something unusual and love color!

My instructions are commonly “not boring”. I’m of course always happy to please.


Love the shocking combination of navy and yellow because what’s coming next will make it very cool.

The master bath is looking chic.

All Cambria stone tops and gold faucets.


It’s fun to see mood board to reality.

For each room I give clients two-three mood boards to really see the design.  This one gives an overview.

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 3.07.30 PM

Can’t wait ti see this room.

I already see the vibe in this pretty shower!

All marble with gold details.


The beautiful stone fireplaces have been installed as well in many of the rooms and wood beams are in waiting to be stained.


Master bedroom fireplace.


And one of my favorite rooms… the dark blue library that will have loads of great color in in.

Can’t wait.


If you are interested in creating something special we are taking on a few E-design clients over the summer. You can e-mail us at we’ll send you info on our E-Design service.

See you next week!


March 28, 2016

My bedding in delicious new colors

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Hope you had a great Easter weekend!

Color as some of you know is something I can’t get enough of.

I’m happy to let you know that a few weeks ago we started offering the bedding in 18 custom colors. Designers and customers have e-mailed for a long time and requested certain colors so I’m happy to finally be able to offer endless design possibilities with the bedding.

Marmalade Interiors

I added new colors that I thought would be pretty in a bedroom yet feel modern.

colors eblast revised copy

One of my current favorites is BRASS…



PinkDecoFull copy 2

Powder Pink Deco bedding


Black Key Duvet- JIll Sorensen Lifestyle

Black Key Duvet cover and Euro shams

If you need help with suggestions or have any questions you can e-mail and my fantastic new office manager Emily will help you with anything you need.

After having a difficult fall learning from some mistakes I made running my business, I’m excited to a have a fantastic team in place and a whole bunch of new products to launch!


October 7, 2014

One Room Challenge – Week #2

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(Here is WEEK # 1 – in case you missed it)

I spent a lot of time thinking about the TV room wall color without coming to a final conclusion.

Since there are a lot of us who use this house, I suddenly felt concerned that the male part of the family would hate to sit through a movie surrounded by pink. And I pondered new wall colors.

But honestly I got over that pretty quickly.

Pink it will be, even if I get complaints. They’ll get over it.

If I keep it to a coral/pink it’s perhaps more gender neutral. Coral is also one of my mother’s favorite colors. Before we even arrived in Sweden she had lined up a a retired painter Bosse, who could get started within a couple of days of our arrival.

The hunt was on for the right pink tone. I had brought along my coral tropical leaf fabric and felt really inspired by the hue.

Pink color scheme-Jill SorensenLifestyle

Before we left LA for Sweden, Gwyneth Paltrow had her GOOP pop up store at the Brentwood country mart in our LA neighborhood. The pop up store had an irresistible coral wall.

Perhaps you saw it?


Image GOOP popup store.

It looked great with greys. Seriously pink is the new neutral.

I also love English inspired pink country rooms.

61fc4312a7b9ac8542a26cbf18c7849b copy

Image unknown (leave source if you know it-thanks!)

The pink I was after would have to look great with the pumpkin orange and cream carpet that would go on the floor. And the bright and bold orange on the TV cabinet.

I finally picked a Swedish paint color close to this Benjamin Moore color.

Screen shot 2014-10-07 at 5.17.48 PM

Bonfire-Maze cotton carpet// Authentic Pink


We did samples on all the walls and let it dry, then added another another coat to see the real tone.

It was a little stronger than I thought, but decided to go for it.

It would be fun with the painted cabinet that has to stay because of the village effort to paint it.


I was happy to see the old nondescript wall color go away.  It was okay in the summer time, but always felt really cold on a chilly winter night!

2014-07-01 10.34.36 copy 2

Bosse and  his wife who went to work transforming the room to pink.

2014-07-01 10.16.33

Pink was definitely more fun with the white tile fireplace.

2014-07-01 10.20.39 copy

I love this pink!

2014-07-01 10.18.33 copy 2

It’s giving the room a warm, serene quality.


Perfect backdrop for the Bonfire Maze carpet.

2014-07-06 17.53.48

We laid the carpet down to test it.


We have a loooong way to go to make this room over, but I’m excited about the pink.

The shocking thing is every single man who has come in to this room, comments on how much he loves the wall color!

So much for my worrying.

Check in what progress the other designer/bloggers are making.

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July 7, 2014


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If you want an inviting, comfortable home, nothing perhaps is more important than picking the right color scheme. Finding the right paint colors for your home is a source of great frustration to many.  It’s the question I get asked the most, so I thought I would take you through the process I use when I pick a color scheme for an entire home or a color for a room.

I’m revamping our Swedish house this month, and needed a new color for our TV room, so I will use my home as a guide. Here is a process I use to come up with a color scheme.

Jill sorensen-foyer


The first thing to ask yourself is how do you want to feel in your space. Do you want a space that makes you happy? A space that calms you down? Colors have a strong effect on the way we feel and the selection of the right colors is more important than you think.  Brighter hues such a red, orange and yellow gives us energy while pale blues and greens have a calming effect. Some lifts us up and some brings us down.

When we bought our house in Sweden I wanted a place I could come to and relax. It needed to be PEACEFUL and stress free. It could also not feel too “serious” and needed a touch of a playfulness yet still feel really “Swedish”.  Knowing all this I knew the colors had to be pale and soothing, and to use fun stronger colors only as accents.

Swede view

This is the view from most of the house.


Look outdoors, what do you see? Do you have a view? What are the colors you see? Is it an urban landscape, is it a lawn? Sunset or sunrise views?  Whatever you see outside, or don’t want to see outside, decides what color you might pick inside.

For example, in our house, from almost every single room we have an incredible view. Therefore I didn’t want to use a busy wallpaper or a color that would take away or distract from the beauty right outside. I wanted nature to be a guide.

JIll Sorensen swedish guest house

Screen shot 2014-07-07 at 4.05.23 AM

Selecting hues that already where outside added a cohesive and soothing effect. (All color chips are from Benjamin Moore.)

3USE3 copy


What is the natural light like? In Sweden there is almost no daylight for many months of the year, therefore a white background is often painted to allow sunlight to reflect off the walls, and let the home feel brighter. Rarely do you see a Swedish home painted in dark colors for this reason.

You can brighten a dark room in the house with a light color, or magnify what is already is there by painting it a dark engulfing color.

Since there is an extreme lack of sunlight here most of the year, I picked white and yellow paint colors for several rooms to reflect light or  mimic sunlight.

Screen shot 2014-07-07 at 4.49.19 AM

lilamatta_sovrum copy 2


Where is your house located? Downtown? Mountains? Horse country? If your home is downtown Manhattan versus out on a farm you might want a different feeling. Let the history of the town and area give you ideas.  Read old books, pick up some local vintage treasures, watch TV shows from the place.  There can be some amazing colors you find that could be used in a new fun way.

Since we spend a limited amount of time here,  I wanted a very Swedish vibe and welcomed using some traditional Swedish colors.


Turn of the century department store chandelier.

I picked up local vintage pieces that had colors of the area and let them inspire me.

Jill Sorensen-Sweden

Swedish “trasmatta” woven with tons of leftover colors are very common here.

Screen shot 2014-07-07 at 5.05.21 AM


I love Pippi Longstocking (she’s my hero) and the TV show from the 60-70’s is a great source of fun and unusual colors.


When you stand in one room and look in to another the colors have to flow peacefully.  From every single angle of your home the colors have to harmonize as far as your eye can see. Here it was easy since it’s so white. But this can also be achieved very well with tons of strong colors as long as your overall color scheme “plays” together.

JIll Sorensen Lifestyle-Lavender Monogram


Never let a room be boring, choose something in your overall scheme that adds an element of surprise. Too much of the same color in a room, can make it boring.

Swedish manor house guestroom copy 2


When you have gathered a bunch of colors. Go back to the questions. What do you want your home to feel like?

For me it was PEACEFUL and RELAXING with a touch of fun. So peaceful hues had to be the wall colors and the fun tones would become accents.

Natural light needs?  Yellow and White.

What did I see outside? Blue and Green.

Sense of playfulness and local inspiration?  Accent colors: Turquoise, Orange, Blue, Lavender.

Screen shot 2014-07-07 at 5.31.21 AM

This became our full color scheme, for the main house and the guest house. The guest house since small is only in blue hues mixed with the whites.

Vintage Josef Frank chair-Jill Sorensen

I’m repainting our TV room this week. Although it’s already painted in a grayish yellow, somehow the space too cold. To find a new color I went back to my original scheme and decided what I wanted more of.  I needed a warm hue.

And I decided I wanted more of Pippi Longstocking 70’s TV show vibe.


I selected these colors above to go with the already orange accents in the room.

Pink color scheme-Jill SorensenLifestyle

The wall color would be a pink/coral tone for warmth.

2014-07-06 17.53.48

The carpet has orange accents and the cabinet if I ever finish it will have orange accents. ( This room is half way through makeover…) Will share more on that in a later post.

2014-07-01 12.18.53

Picking colors is a really fun process.

I hope I have not been rambling and that this gives you some kind of guide to pick a color scheme for your home.


P.S. If you feel you still need help. Stay tuned for my affordable color scheme service coming soon.